things fall apart

There is no rationale that trumps emotion
You always saw the conflict in the place
I would trade an ocean for an ocean
Such a gesture once seemed commonplace

(Seems like a lot for a little conversation
When half the words are best erased.)

I sat to write, but lost my rhythm
Something converging, the dark night pass
about death and lies, the stubborn looking forward
just close your eyes, hold on, we’re going fast

into the heart of an unforgiving wild
The dark is coming, but I believe it’s true
that dusk is when old words can be recovered.
Sleepy baby, I am tired too.

And I move slower than the dew fresh lover
and I might grow sadder as we fall away
molecules pull apart beneath the covers
but there’s still magic in the words we say

Should I turn my gaze, we’ll lose forever
just gently dissipate like morning sun
I try for conviction, but get so tired
let’s try for honest, am I the only one?

How many arcs of man’s discovery
how many fires did he bank to cold
love falls apart, death comes, the resolution
the ruptured story endlessly unfolds

And then there’s words, all mixed up for their giving
and I relate things now no longer true
there was a time of absolute illusion
I moved into that place to be with you

We fight today, perhaps we fight tomorrow
I close my eyes, endeavor to let go
love might not fit into this definition
but when you hurt me, my, you hurt me so

Open your arms, and come a little closer
Forgive me for all I won’t believe is true
we might be dust before the day is over
for what it’s worth, I’m aching next to you

So night falls down, while day relays her stories
the world unwinds, my certainties are less
then what they were when I awoke this morning
but here: Let’s make-believe it’s for the best.

And when you go to sleep, all solitary,
all full of rolling thunder in your chest
I’ll be typing loves imaginary
& praying that you find a peaceful rest.


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