Mathing to Victory. Almost


I’ve fallen behind the targeted word-count for NaNoWriMo. Better take a close look at the numbers.


50,000 words

-19,330 words

30,670 words

hmm. ok, that’s a lot.


30,670 words ÷ 11 days = 2,788.2 wpd


Right, kay…

2,788.2 wpd ÷ 16 waking hours = 174. 26 words


in other words:

176 waking hours x 174.26 words an hour = 30,669.76 words


Therefore, if I write 175 words every waking hour till midnight, Nov. 30th, I’ll make 50,000 words, no problem.

Whew, I’m glad that’s solved.


*goes to watch a 3 hour movie*


13 thoughts on “Mathing to Victory. Almost

  1. OK, if all else fails, just do a Find & Replace to add adjectives to articles. Wherever there’s a “the” put some adjectives after it, like, oh, “lugubrious, quirky.” And then, after each “a” add “fortuitous, mangy.” So, say, this:

    The countess shook her head, flipped the fan and glanced at him. “Why he looks like a cur,” she uttered.

    Would become:

    The lugubrious, quirky countess shook her head, flipped the lugubrious, quirky fan and glanced at him. “Why he looks like a fortuitous, mangy cur,” she uttered.

    Instant word count increase. I’ll let you decide if it’s more interesting. Yes, I know, I am a fortuitous, mangy genius.

  2. I still say you need a character with a long complicated name, such as Countess Leonie von Reschenbach of the Alpenhorn Heidelbergs, who must be addressed in that way every time she is introduced or spoken of.

  3. Realistically, most people write at least 800 word per hour so at that rate, it should only take you 38 hours and 34 minutes do finish.

    You have time for lots of three hour movies! ;)

  4. I say to reset your goal lower…like a total of 25000 words. Then, you only have 5670 to go, and with 9 days left, that’s only 630 a day. Go for it!

  5. Aren’t you concerned about that other 0.24 of a word? Oh, and as promised I did start sampling the music on review. Unfortunately, I got side-tracked by Devo. Sorry!

  6. Ya know, I shoulda given you my handy-dandy spreadsheet that I built that basically did the the math for me as I went. I’m proud to say I’m right on point, if not a smidge ahead.

    If only I could spreadsheet the rest of my life to keep me on track.

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