Nano Nanoo

Hi. *waves*

Here’s the deal, here’s the thing: I’m working on it. I even kinda like working on it. (The novel, I mean) Sorta. Sometimes. My mind wanders like a free-range chicken, then comes back to roost again. Sometimes I think I’m writing too much of the same thing. Sometimes, I don’t know anything. But that seems to work.

Last week, I fell really far behind.

There’s a reason. I mean, kind of a weird and interesting reason. It could be a plot-twist in a fantabulous story, or a foot-note on the term paper of life. I donno yet. All I’m sayin’ is, there’s a reason.

Things are weird… interesting weird this November. I’m… awake. I’m… alive. Do you think you can bring about *movement* at least, in life, through anticipation?

I so looked forward to November. To the end of October, really. And now here we are in this drizzly yet beautiful month. (Woot, Obama!) It’s never been my favorite, November, but I gave it a chance this year-

and I gotta say,

I noticed when the cop pulled me over (the light was technically yellow till I got half-way through the intersection, dammit) that the beautiful soft, misty purple over the bay in Taft was just as lovely tonight as it was last Saturday. And I need to see it with a camera, darnit. Not that *I* can capture beauty like that, but..

You gotta see it.

Am I babbling? Are these words coming in a chirping stream?

Tonight was beautiful, and I have high hopes for tomorrow, too. If you’re listening, mr. solo, communicate. I have shit I need to say.

Talk to me before tomorrow. Something’s tucked tall and charming into tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.


10 thoughts on “Nano Nanoo

  1. Hi Amuirin. Thanks for checking up on me. I have been writing for sure, but mostly for an essay that’s due tomorrow. Coupla days and I’ll be back in the swing.

    Looking forward to catching up on all of your posts and enjoying the music.

  2. I don’t know if this November in particular is all topsy turvy, but this NaNo nonsense is making the ride even dizzier.

    But, hey, if we were to wait until our lives were stable and staid we’d never do this.

    Keep writing those wonderful words of yours.

  3. I love this question: I’m… awake. I’m… alive. Do you think you can bring about *movement* at least, in life, through anticipation?

    Wanna haiku with me?

  4. Brad– I hope the paper is going well. You’re a great sport, but don’t worry bout hanging out on the music unless you really wanna. My youtube posts are a little self-indulgent… There’s something somewhat sinister about imposing your musical tastes on others. But that never stops me.

    Corina– I did get off with a warning yesterday, though I didn’t really deserve to. It was a younger fella. I would never have eked by with a female officer. I saw your 7, and was very interested to find out you’ve been a teacher! How did I not know that? My mom’s a teacher and I’ve… ‘dabbled’ in it. I’m awed by your level of energy… a classroom of kids effects me like kryptonite. Just sitting still, they can zap you.

    jo– me too, yours. :)

    L.B.– You’re absolutely right about, if we waited, we’d never do this. I’ve been talking about it forever. I look at my draft, see 63 pages and go… woah. I did that?

    mad– You know it. You know I want to haiku with you… just…

    ..we might start out slow, a little haiku every now and then, keeping it simple. But pretty soon, I’d be thinking about doing it. It would turn into a fixation. Fast, dirty haiku-ing everywhere, all the time. I’d be pulling off quickies at the library, counting syllables in the shower, defining every encounter by 5-7-5.

    That way lie obsession. Maybe we should just cinquain.

  5. My camera might be able to capture it. It’s seeing lots of things in purple these days.

    It’s good to hear you’re alive and awake. When you’re experiencing the A words, you have the whole alphabet before you, just waiting for you to experience those too.

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