The oldest trick in the book…

Memed. You heard me, Memed. Memed again. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been memed, so long in fact, that I thought I’d somehow developed immunity. But it’s cool, cus it’s Norm over at ‘Costant Change is the Norm...’ who did the meming, and it’s one of the oldest, most venerable memes on the web: 7 random facts.

Here are the rules, such as they are: Players start with 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and then post 7 random facts. Players should tag 7 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

(By the way: Norm only tagged two people, which I think is thoughtful, because memes spread kind of like viruses around the blogosphere, and it’s clear that he was using something of a quarantine tactic to prevent wide-spread panic and mayhem. I will not be so thoughtful, as widespread panic and mayhem rather appeal to me, as long as they aren’t a result of republican scheming.)

MY SEVEN RANDOM FACTS (pay attention, there will be a quiz)

1)  I do not care very much for shoe shopping. This is foremost in my mind, because yesterday, I did, I did indeed, I did indeed shoe-shop. The occasion: my cousin’s wedding, which is a week hence, and to which I’ve been invited. They did not explicitly state a dress code, but I gleaned through my fantabulous deductive reasoning skills that they would prefer people to wear clothes, and shoes, if at all possible. I guess I could have used this as another fact, but planning ahead isn’t my forte. Doh, there’s another one.

2)  I hate parrots.

3)  Hate is kind of a strong word, but when I hate something, I really hate it. I strongly, strongly dislike soap operas, c.d. wrappers, the 2nd to the left teller at Bank of America, and the way my crisper smells ever since Sierra dumped apple juice in there, and forgot to tell me. (Did you know apple-y stuff can create an absolutely horrid smell if it is allowed to grow old enough to smell that way?)  But I hate parrots. And I stand by that. I’m also none too fond of ring worm or explosive diarrhea. Just sayin’.

4)  I have never been married. Ever. But I’ve been engaged quite a lot. Four times, in fact. Twice was to the same person. In all honesty, I’m very happy about not marrying any of the people that I didn’t marry.

5)  My cat is sleeping on my bed. It is my cat, not the other cat which is not mine, but doesn’t make the distinction. This is a boring fact, but it is true, and it’s also true that the cat is sleeping there after being kicked out 4 times. How is that possible? Well, here’s the part I really wanted to tell you: Because my cat can open doors.

6)  I was born at… well, you don’t care about that. But here’s the fact: The building in which I was delivered is no longer used for the same purpose it was back in 1977. The building in which I first caterwauled my dismay to the big, bright world is now a mental health ward.

7)  When I was a baby- old enough to crawl, but not yet walking, my parents had some sort of party. That may be the most outrageous part of this story. What little I remember of the marriage of my biological parents is not conducive with loud, crowded parties. However, they had a party, and I was crawling around, and people were going in and out, and I was crawling around, and when someone opened the door I happened to curl my hand around the door frame, which no one noticed, and when the door shut, the heavy metal guard on the edge of the door sliced the end of my right, pointer finger off. People then noticed I was there, as I became rather loud and overwrought. I would love to know whose idea it was to find the tip of my finger, but apparently a whole gaggle of grownups spent the next 15 minutes on their hands and knees, searching for my finger-bit, while my mom tried to wrap me up and get me ready to go to the hospital. I’ll continue this story on #7.5.

7.5) They arrived at the hospital sans finger-bit. It was decided that since I was very upset about having a missing part, that the best course of action would be to take some more of me from my hip region, and stick it on the end of my finger. But first, I had to be calmed. The doctor gave me some sort of shot that was meant to sedate, but it had an opposite reaction, and according to my mom, some of the nurses were worried I would actually howl myself to death. Frankly, I think it was a reasonable response. If you have lost a nice bit of finger, and then had people decide that they’d also like to remove a nice bit of your hip, and if they then come at you and stick sharp objects in your person, I think howling is the very least of the responses you’ll be issuing.

Eventually they gassed me unconscious and went forward with the brilliant idea. The tip of my finger never fully healed, but I wasn’t aware it was abnormal till about the age of six. I thought everyone had a finger like that. The two inch train-track shaped scar on my hip, however, I’ve largely ignored. So my 7th fact?

I do not now, nor have I ever responded well to medication. So I pretty much only take it if I think I’m gonna die otherwise.


And that concludes my 7.5 random facts. I tag:

mercury, Jaynova, anhinga, ybonesy, Corina, Ombudsben & Bo. Also aefiel. Because you have invoked the inner muppet. Have fun!

17 thoughts on “The oldest trick in the book…

  1. Wonderful! (Not.) I’ll play along. Probably post tomorrow but I won’t tag anyone.

    Are you sure you weren’t really born in the mental ward? :) (See what you get for tagging me?)

  2. I echo David’s note: born in a mental ward. My mouth flaps open, then shuts to a smile. Flaps open and shuts to a smile again. So much one could say and yet, sometimes discretion truly is the better part of valor, so I’ll just say:

    you clearly have the hippest finger around. I cannot believe you haven’t incorporated a little pointing hand logo into your blog, to point out the cool and the hip.

  3. Oh Lord, what hath I wrought. I just knew I was going to enjoy this. Thanks for playing along, Am.

    Mental ward, hippest finger (I like that OB), parrots.

    Have a blast at the wedding. I’m sure you will be thanked for wearing shoes and clothes.

  4. I almost fainted reading through your 7 and 7.5. Bless your heart. It really does make me feel weak just thinking about it.

    Hey, I did an eight-random-fact meme last year, and so rather than come up new ones, here are my eight old ones (and QM’s, too, for extra credit):

    p.s., I get what you’re saying about the smell of apple juice that’s been locked up in a crisper—kind of stinky socks and whiskey breath.

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  6. Okay, A, I’m in and my randomness soon will be up. But I do think you should come up with the hippest finger graphic or logo.

    As the Bluest Meany of Yellow Submarine fame said of The Glove: point, and have them appointed!

  7. Happy to see I didn’t make the tagged list since I’m the reason you were tagged by Norm, having tagged Norm myself.

    I think you may be a younger, more talented, version of me or something. Some of your random facts are eerily familiar. I do not respond well to drugs either (I have to be gassed if they want me to actually pass out). There’s other commonalities here but I think I’ll save them for my next tagging.

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  10. Only 12 days since I last made the rounds. Feels like forever. Lost heart for blogging. Where it went, I don’t know. The motivation evaporated and now there is this scaly crust, starting to itch. Time to scratch it away. I’m not sure I want to write a novel. What is this Nanowrimo? Good luck with your effort. You are a heck of a writer. If your characters are pissed off at you that’s kind of an indication that they are real enough to interest us. Devil them. Light little fires, make them dance. Delight in tormenting them. Send one to an A.A. meeting. (For me. I could use one. This is the tail end of a dry drunk maybe?)

    Hope your holidays have been happy. I’m glad your cousin is happy. Best of love to her. It is great when when we really find true partnership. What a lot of work, a lot of living goes into building that trust. I’m glad you didn’t marry those people, too. Marry the next one, just for fun? I have a friend who calls herself a serial monogamist.She married all of them.

    Maybe I should go back to blogging instead of clogging up your comments section. The movie I am on is wearing me thin. My back hurts. The hours are too long. After the first weeks they always are. I do it for the money, the challenges, the friends.

    But Ada is out of the woods with Pertussis, with Whooping Cough. Man, what an evil, frightening illness. So frightening for a parent, watching them hanging on, afraid the thread is going to break, one won’t be able to pull them back.

    I had a poem published on I miss painting and writing. When I am too long away life begins to go gray. At the edges first, but moving to the center.

    This is very self-indulgent of me. But at least some words are spilling out again, the heart is opening. I’m headed back to my place. Come visit. I’d love to hear from you again.

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