Rejected NaNoWriMo Titles

Ravings of a Narcoleptic Loony Bin

Fartley: One Cat’s Journey to Overcome Gastrointestinal Distress

How I Killed the Disco Homies in my Head

War and Peace

A Nun called Skanky

Why You Shouldn’t Date the Marlboro Man: a personal memoir

Koo Koo Kashu! (50,000 words for gesundheit)

Dirty Deeds with Dead Dudes: Coming of Age in a Modern Mortuary

Mystery of the Misplaced Cheap Blue Tarp

If God were Tree Fungus, and other brief, irrelevant musings…

The Floating Bordello

Garkle, the Manic-depressive-so-and-so

The Saga of Pokey: ‘Why I Killed that Limber, Green Freako’


9 thoughts on “Rejected NaNoWriMo Titles

  1. mercury– that’d work. Considering the main characters are probly on ice, anyway…

    mad-absolutely. I’m still a little attached to the first one, though.

    aefiel– I expected some sort of ‘stayin alive’ joke.

    randy– I felt it lacked direction.

    david– and so you should. But it will likely be in short story form, not novel. It might even be in haiku.

    Bo– Yeah… sometimes. I’ll admit to becoming a bit distracted, and now I hafta haul ass to catch up. Think I’ll manage?
    ..I donno.

    J- Thank you! I think my favorite is probably ‘mystery of the misplaced cheap blue tarp’.

    thejinx– you are too kind. I’ve been checking out your blog thingy. Good luck with the nano. It’s quite an undertaking.

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