November 4: Cause for celebration?


It’s election day.

I’ll admit, I’m excited. Today. This one day. It’s a Tuesday, but still. I’ve been following along discussions on other comment threads where people admit they’re afraid to hope, but hopeful still.

What if?

What if Obama is elected president? What if an even more solid democratic majority is elected along with him in the House and Senate?

Could it happen? Will some of the damage done in the last eight years be mended? Will an infusion of energy and man-power make the democrats in congress stand up and *do* something?

There are too many areas in my life right now where I’m afraid to hope, or feel too much. Maybe today, election day, maybe today will turn the tide.


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Update: Watching. We’re watching. It’s 4:20pm on the West Coast, and two eastern states have been called already.

While everyone is interested in the presidential election, there’s a lot more at stake across the country. Seats in the Senate and House of Representatives are being voted on tonight, along with state measures, local elections and neighborhood bond issues. Often times these local elections deal a greater impact to residents of a region than even the national elections do.

I’m going to be checking in periodically tonight with updates regarding Oregon’s congressional races. Feel free to let me know about local elections in your area. I’m curious what the overall result of today’s frenetic voter turn-out will end up looking like.

Here’s hopin’ for positive change…


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Update November 5th: 

And the American President elect is Barack Obama!  WWWOOOOOOO! 

McCain’s concession speech was gracious and classy. Across radio and news stations, the media feels the need to point out over and over why Barack Obama’s victory is unprecedented and historic. I keep hearing the word ‘first’.

I think… I think and hope he is a good man.  And he was elected president. That’s enough historical significance for me.


16 thoughts on “November 4: Cause for celebration?

  1. I hope things change but the past 52 years of my existence have shown that the good side doesn’t always win and lately, it hasn’t won much at all.

    Aside from the fact that this country needs to go in a different direction, I think it’s a crucial time for things to change. If it doesn’t happen now, so many more will feel disenfranchised. Why vote if your side never wins? That’s about how I’ve been feeling but I did drag myself out in the cold and wet weather today to turn in my ballot. There’s something about elections and voting that I’ve never been able to take lightly.

    I guess for me, as long as I can, voting is a given. And that’s a good thing, in the end.

  2. Mad- well then! I guess we’re golden!

    Robin- It would be so wonderful if now were the time…

    Stevo- I hope, I hope, I hope Dylan’s right. Norm just wrote on his blog that he’s got tickets to see Dylan. I’m gonna say that’s a sign that your sign will ring true.


    Corina- It’s time. I don’t know for sure, but I believe it. I hear the race will be more hotly contested then people are expecting, particularly cus of all the newly registered voters.

    I’m really glad you made the effort to vote. Bill Sizemore’s bills scare the crap out of me.

  3. I’m watching too. It’s 10:00pm and I feel like it’s still too early to hope.

    I’m wondering what it says that my husband is sitting here following the election on his laptop while I follow it on my computer with the television on in the background. As if one source isn’t enough.

    I wrote about my voting experience on my Life in the Bogs blog. Basically, it was fairly smooth and easy. No line at all (that surprised me!). A little confusion with the way the ballot was set up, but nothing serious. It did make me wonder, though, how the ballot order is decided.

  4. I know exactly how you feel! I have been having the same thoughts and doubts for a few weeks now. I am so glad that Obama won, but I am also a bit afraid to hope, since the road ahead seems so challenging. But I am going to choose hope! I am so proud that we elected Obama. The nation is clearly crying out for change, and I hope he will be the one to unite people of all parties to work together to improve America for all of us. Okay, I’ve been watching his acceptance speech, and I am tearing up again.

  5. Congratulations. I just watched the acceptance speech. It was a moving sight, a momentous day. I was a Republican without a party or candidate this time, but most of all, I’m an American who will give our new president support. Republicans tear up, too, and we hope. I’m doing a little of both right now.

  6. McCain’s speech was gracious and classy, anhinga. I was pretty moved by it. I understand what you mean, not having a candidate, so many times have been like that for me.

    Time for positive change.

    bekabo- So glad you stopped by! Someone said to me that the Nation is looking for a savior, and Obama’s been chosen. That’s a hard place to be, but I believe he is a good man. That’s the first time in a long time I’ve thought that about someone standing in those shoes.

    So maybe it’s ok to hope.

  7. Brad- Woohoo indeed! It was a very, very good night in America. ;)

    Local update:

    It is still too soon to call the Oregon Senate race. With just over half the votes counted, republican Gordon Smith has a lead over Jeff Merkley by 10,000 votes, but this lead could still be overcome as heavily liberal leaning Lane & Multnomah Counties have had less than half their votes counted, and somewhat liberal Washington and Clackamas counties have 70% and 51% of the votes tallied, respectively. (These are the densely populated metro areas in the state).

    According to the first numbers of the evening, Merkley was trouncing the incumbent by a huge margin, but those numbers changed and continued to change as ballots were counted. This isn’t an unusual phenomena in Oregon, where severe polarization means regional tallies can swing the majority back and forth.

    Yes, it’s stilll too soon to tell on a *lot* of Oregon races, but Sizemore’s initiatives seem to be getting batted down across the state, thanks in part to his reputation which many voters are now wary of, and also thanks to the 11 million dollar campaign by the unions to defeat them. That seems a terrific lot, but in the long-term, Sizemore’s bills have costed this state much more.

    I’m grateful he’s being defeated. I’m not a violent person, but it wouldn’t suck if someone broke the guy’s fingers before he could muck up the next election.

  8. Bo & Robin- :) :) :)

    Democrat Merkely *did* end up beating out republican incumbent Gordon Smith in Oregon, he’s pulled ahead about 20,000 votes, and that margin is getting wider as Multnomah counties polls are tallied.

    So that’s another seat in the senate.


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