NaNoWriNo ad nauseum

Well. Alright. Since I’m doing this, since I’m spending writing time each day trying to do this, it’s kinda going to be right up front in my brain. In the morning I curiously go check to see if my NaNo buddies have made headway.

Then I sit in front of a blank screen. I check to see if anyone’s on Yahoo. (This by way of warm-up, you understand)

I talk to anyone there for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending how badly I need to procrastinate and how much they have other stuff to do.

Then I try my morning things in the hope of inspiration. Walking the dog might inspire me. A bath with an Oregon field guide might inspire me. Maybe if I eat breakfast, my brain will work better. You know, I was about to write, but now I’m feeling dehydrated. That’s got to be bad for vocabulary.

You see how this routine gets going?

I need to wake earlier, so I can afford to waste three hours, write for 1.5 and still do everything else I need to do in a day. 4 a.m. should be earlier enough.

Anyway, the blog might be a little nano-central for a while. Here I’ll grouse, or boast about word count. Here I’ll bewail my lack of literary substance or brag about how easy dialogue feels. In short, impose my limited scope of interest on a wider audience.


If you want the cold hard facts about my struggles (no, i sure don’t expect you to) here’s amuirin’s official NaNoWriMo profile.

Amuirin’s Nano Page

At present, I’m cautiously optimistic about my effort, at least till I see a fellow Lincoln County writer is up 7,000+.



What a show off.


Clarification: ‘Oregon field guide’ in this scenario refers to a small pamphlet with pictures to identify local floral and fauna, and not a strapping, sturdy field employee from Oregon Parks and Recreation, although- I’m sure either of those things would make a pleasant bath-time companion.


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriNo ad nauseum

  1. LOL!!! i swear I thought, “oh my God, did Am get herself an Oregon Parks guy to slip in the bath with her! Did i miss something?”

    Thanks for the clarification. :)

  2. Cow tippin’? lol! You’d fit in well here in Ohio.

    Another lol! at your clarification. I have to admit that my mind went off in the same direction as Jules when I read “Oregon field guide.” Just for a second or two. Then my mind stumbled upon “book” and thought “ohhhh, that kind of field guide.”

  3. I’m about the same as you. Last week I became addicted to watching The Sopranos, which I had never before watched. Last night I finished watching the second season and wrote about 1,000 words while watching two one hour episodes.

    Today, I know what I’m going to write for my blog but I’ve been watching TV so I haven’t written it. I did manage another 1,000 or so words on my novel so all is not lost. I’m thinking I’ll get at least another 1,000 before the day is out, after all, what else is there to do while watching election returns?

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