In contrast to many of the brave Nanowrimo newbies who are giving it a whirl this year, my fears are not about the word count.

See, when I get going on my blog or somewhere, the problem is never finding enough to say. It’s finding a way to stream line, and edit enough so it isn’t too darn much writing to reasonably expect someone to read.

Nope, this is what I’m afraid of:

I’m afraid I’ll start writing on my ‘sort of’ idea, and 9 or 10 days from now, when I’m 15,000 words from the starting line, I’ll finally have some concept of the story I *should* have written. My 15,000 will be an indulgent pile of scrap-metal,  and I’ll hafta dump it and start over, if I still have the will to do so which is highly unlikely.


Yep. At this juncture, I basically have commitment issues.


7 thoughts on “NaNoWriNotes

  1. I think we all fear that. I know this year I have such a vague idea about what I am writing that your scenario is a distinct possibility for me. But that’s okay. All we can do is take a stab at it.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  2. Just let it flow. The real work is the re-writing, so if something seems off, you get it in the re-write, or have a whole new novel. You are laying the groundwork. Me? Not so much. I see those in my group toiling over novels and wonder if I could ever do it. But YOU can.

  3. Think of this exercise then as a massive prewriting session. Afterwoords, cull the crap from it and write what you want.

    I’ve already though of two other things I should write, butu I’m sticking with it. 4513 words on day 2. Woot!

  4. With the best fiction, plot is king. Every sentence, every word, every punctuation mark should serve the plot. If it doesn’t serve the plot, your reader can probably get by without it.

    In the best stories, where you feel your eyes are pulled along the pages, there is very little extraneous; the author is always moving the plot forward. Often incrementally. In the teensiest of ways. Even their navel-gazing passages are, in some ways, revealing character.

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