Let them eat corn syrup…


“Oooo…..” Monsters and goblins and ghouls, oh my! Today’s the day,- the day we subsidize Iowa. The day children everywhere overturn the reasonable response scenario and threaten their way into glorious excess… 

Go kiddlins! 

I love what Halloween smells like. Have you ever noticed that? The air turns in October- and there’s a specifically Halloweeny smell to this time of year.

That would have been more poetic without the Halloweeny bit. But I *know* you know what I’m talking about. Sometime, late October, I’ve seen people stop and just sniff at it. The smoke, cool, and damp leaf smell. They stand for a sec, looking for something tucked into the subconscious… there it is: There’s a little Halloween in there.



Yes! Credit where credit’s due- first I’m excited because after buying a hodge-podge of items I didn’t know what to do with, David Rochester gave me the idea to dress up as Puss-in-Boots.

 O Solo Meow!  I had gotten a cape, a dagger, kitty ears (Sierra’s idea), a  Zorro type mask, and some costume makeup. (By the time I got around to  it, a lot of the costume supplies at the local Wal-mart were depleted)  

(I don’t usually shop at Wal-mart, btw. I feel compelled to tell you that.)

 (In fact, I never, ever do. Except to buy pillows. They have freakishly cheap  pillows, and I am a picky pillow person. Please don’t judge too harshly,  even Savonarola would sell out for a good night’s sleep.)

 It took David’s idea to see how those items might work together. Inspired!

I’m very excited because it’s the end of October,  which means the first of November, which means Dia de los Muertos! The day of the dead! That’s when the veil lifts, and you can commune with your home-boy spirits. They like sugar and marigolds. *nods*


And November 1st, – Lazy Buddhist, Jules, Corina, Jaynova, we all know what that means. *flexes fingers*

Last year’s Day of the Dead blog post became one of the highest traffic spots ever on Stop and Wander, so I don’t want to move it. I contemplated posting it again. Not sure. Meeting word count will probably take precedence tomorrow, so here’s the link.  

Days of the Dead: A Celebration

Build an ofrenda! Eat some candy! Post a picture of your costumed ribalding!

And have you all a very Happy Halloween.




7 thoughts on “Let them eat corn syrup…

  1. Cute cartoon.

    I hope you take pictures of your Puss in Boots outfit. I think David gave you an awesome idea! I’m sure it will be awesome!

    I’m going to a midnight write-in! That’s about all I’m looking forward to at the moment. Trying to pull myself up out of a depressingly depressed mood!

  2. My husband said I should ask you to be sure and post a picture in that Puss in Boots costume. You didn’t mention hat that I noticed. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    We have our fibre optic cat in the window, fire ant beds marked with flags (Florida, you know) and a big, black bowl of candy. I’ll keep an eye out for Puss in
    Boots. :-)

  3. Happy Day of the Dead, amuirin. I remember your post from last year. It was most excellent.

    And yes, I have noticed that Halloweenie smell. I can smell it now, having just eaten a mini Snickers and a Baby Ruth. Yum.

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