A day in the…

…life? sun? breeze? fucked-up hoopla? You decide. Here are some pictures, scenes from the 804 trail in Yachats. (Even though it looks like the sound you’d make hacking up a hairball, Yachats is pronounced ‘Ya-hawts’)

What’s cute is you’ve got this ominous sign posted, right before you walk along a benign foot-path right out of a Disney movie. I think they’re just trying to screen out the timorous sea-peepers.

The fairest way to describe this stretch of coast-line is ‘retardedly picturesque’.


As always, click to enlarge what you want to enlarge. (Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that in real life?)

Let’s play a little game called, ‘Find the sea-penis!’. If you ever owned a movie poster from ‘The Little Mermaid‘, you already know how to play.

No luck? There ya go. I’m like your genie of the phallus. Just… don’t… rub anything.

This little cove, just one of many inlets to discover tucked along the 804.

Jonathon Livingston, I presume?

Always end with just a *splash* of color.




13 thoughts on “A day in the…

  1. Great photos. I love the one with the two wooden benches. There is a surreal quality to it.

    Also, I thought the giant neon arrow was really part of the scenery. Was going to comment on how incongruous it was, but then I started wondering where the penis was. I miss those things on the first read sometimes. 8)

  2. Nice place you have there and great shots. The quality of the light reminds me of my visit to Vancouver.

    I see you’ve been playing with all the buttons, too. Nice fresh look.

  3. tpgoddess- really?

    You don’t know how hard you made me stare at the picture. An unconfirmed penis sighting? Ahoy there!

    Corina- ty! I think of all the phrases I’ve ever concocted on this blog, timorous sea-peepers is in the top ten.

    Bo- I felt the same way about your recent travel pictures. Would have loved to see the four corner state sights you saw.

    mercury- *curtseys* I thank you, sir!

    Stevo- But you get to be tall. All the time. I think that’s a decent trade-off for lovely surroundings.

    mad- i made you wtf. that’s somethin.

    ybonesy- lol… if that arrow were part of the scenery… well, I donno what would happen. But share your tequilah.

    Norm- Everyone likes this layout, but i have backwards claustrophobia. It’s so wide open. Don’t you guys like the picture header, and the dark blue collumn better?


    Must be an Oregonian thing.

    anhinga- you and tpgoddess, both! I must be losing my edge.

    aefiel- big tee-hee. I love it. :)

    Robin- You’re hereby invited.

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