Taking the long view

The sky’s a funny color this morning. I’ve had a bout of shyness writing wise- been writing a lot but not wanting to post it, or keep it posted. I’m sure that’ll get worked through.

Trying to catch hold of October before it’s completely gone. I’ve mostly missed it. This has always been my favorite month. It’s also a month that has tended to miss any bad stuff. Half the calendar has bad anniversaries. September- well, you know what happened to September. But October has had a perfect record.

Not now. But you know what? Okay. Thirty good Octobers is pretty good. If you love something (even a month) you gotta stop requiring at some point that it be perfect. 

Been looking so forward to the *end* of this one- because of NaNoWriMo, and also because my favorite holiday is November 1st, Los Dios de Los Muertos, but maybe I shouldn’t rush through these last three days. I’m going to make them my October. Go walking. Wear the bulky sweaters. Not as excited about the hot cocoa part because I’ve been living on tea, but … popcorn! Monopoly and popcorn in the big dark. And of course, we’ve still got Halloween.

Sierra is going with a friend this year, I took them last year so that’s fine. We’ll still do the uber-sorting at home. Ritual, you know. The candy doesn’t really count until it’s been put in it’s specific pile, and counted, and compared to other brands, and generally hoarded over.

That’s important. 

Thank you, btw, to people who continue to read through the odd bits on the blog. I appreciate it. I have really good online friends here, and Imtay of course-

he’s busy, and gone quiet, but he’s still there, moderating comments when I don’t have a chance to, or just generally listening when I can’t make anything but bizarre creature sounds.

I wish I could give you all a country, or at least an archipelago of pretty islands. *nods*

Well, it’s 8:11am- and my October awaits.


8 thoughts on “Taking the long view

  1. A country of pretty islands… how nice. :)

    Enjoy your October. I’ve been trying not to rush through it, too. It does seem as though it’s been a very long month.

  2. I’m actually getting depressed seeing the leaves fall from the trees. They’re so beautifully colored right now. It’s my first autumn here and it’s a gorgeous one. However, it has been windy and we’re having rain today and tomorrow so the leaves are falling. I’ll have to enjoy the colors on the ground as long as they last.

    I hope you are enjoying your October, as long/short as it may be.

    I’m looking forward to Nanowrimo, too!

  3. My youngest, age nine, is planning to go trick-or-treating with a friend. I’m torn about it. Too young to break from the family, yet my older is doing a big friend to-do (except in their case, Jim and I are joining them for something we do every year). Sigh. Growing up.

  4. I recovered it, aefiel… that muppet article was awesome.

    ybonesy- yeah, it’d be cool if parents got a couple extra years we could use at our own discretion. Like, if you kinda missed a few things when your kid turned five, you could exercise the option to have them stay five an extra year.

    Also, that way I’d still be 29.

    mercury- I’m sure you have other cool holidays to fill in. Don’t you?

    Corina- sorry you’re feeling depressed, that’s no fun in this weather. It was a truly dark, drippy, miserable day today.

    imtayopay- :) hear ye hear ye

    Robin- probly even more so for you than for me *hug*

    mad- aye, aye cap’n

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