Another aside

I get quite a few readers from the weirdest of my past wordpress tags. Every week someone wanders in here referred by ‘muppet-sex’ or ‘lesbian twins’.


Boy, I’ll bet they’re disappointed.


9 thoughts on “Another aside

  1. I’ll bet.

    Mine have gotten only slightly more interesting since I posted Lucy the Elephant’s butt. Along with “elephant butts” I get “orangutan butts” thanks to Ybonesy. :)

    I also get the occasional search for you (and one of my other visitors).

  2. My most often used search term is about waterbeds and that was a post I made over a year ago! I get a lot from the PTA and Sarah Palin post and from my post on Tex Mex music in YouTube. Go figure.

    Yes, there are literate perverts out there. Lots, unfortunately.

  3. Ha! Hey, if anyone wants to buy the domain, I know where you can get it for a good price. 8)

    amuirin, you ought to register or Just a thought. Invest for the future.

  4. lol,

    well- I already registered, so that might be a bit of overkill. Though I hate to think of anyone else cornering the muppet sex market.


  5. aefiel- yup, yup, wookie sex.

    That genre has already been exploited to disastrous degrees on the inturwebs… and..

    I just think people deserve better. If someone wants to find wholesome, thoughtful speculations on Chewbacca’s fuzzy saber, well, that option should be available without going blind.

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