Let it rain

Bring the dark. Let a steady curtain of water swallow  the universe up. Let the seagulls hunker down, the tourists, pink and yellow pin-points, standing tentative far from the sea-mouth move away until there are no people, just the steady acceptance of sand receiving ocean.

Isn’t it time that sand gave back to sea?

Enough. Let there be such darkness that my eyelids long to open up clouds, struggling off silt in the memory of mind. Let there be the soft dark, the relentless patter of elements that don’t give in to human yearning. Let there be sounds more enduring than thunder.

Let there be rain.

My skin can drink the sky, my lungs won’t matter. I am not components but a part of the tree and earth and world that grind under the weight of human burden. We are destroyed, each of us, demolished by an onslaught of needing home.

Give out to the rain.

To the dark. To the tender comfort of being a good thing that nonetheless erodes.


9 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. If you don’t already know that this is the finest piece of writing you have ever posted on this blog, I am here to inform you of that fact. The last line is almost unbearable, in the best possible way.

  2. I am a painter, not a writer. The visual you have painted here with your delicate pen, loaded with power, has inspired me…
    Definitely “more enduring than thunder”
    Thank you for this.

  3. Your words are solft and beautiful like the rain.

    “the onslaught of needing home…” says it all to me.

    I’m with David, though it is hard to choose your best writing.

  4. Damn fine writing. David said it best.

    Let there be such darkness that my eyelids long to open up clouds, struggling off silt in the memory of mind. — Absolutely stunning.

  5. I was overwhelmed by the comments on this one.

    It’s so weird- like, I wrote this and almost didn’t publish because I thought it was too… derivative, or mopey or-

    I just think it’s funny how much your perception of your own stuff can alter from what other people think is good.

    Thank you so much for the kind words.

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