be the ball

O the Energy of Fleghm

Whoops, here I go complaining. It’s true though, that a certain volume of snotty stuff keeps you on your toes. You hafta cough, clear, swallow, wake, rise, drink- to stay ahead of the stuff.

As my inner mucous finally lets up a little, I’m taking on brick-like qualities. Waking up today was more offensive than usual. I took three solid swipes at it, and feel unsure even now if the final try will take. 

i wanna sleep.

Ever heard the words, ‘roll with the punches’? What the hell does that mean? It makes me think of Cardammom buns floating in a fruit-punch nightmare.

That’s an aside.

I don’t know what’s happening in the nation. I don’t know about the last debates, or what crazy thing Palin last said, or if Wall Street ended up or down this week. Mucous energy is an apathetic life source. It only gets excited about really good tea.

Girly-girl is home in one piece. They came home late-late. I couldn’t figure out if she had a grand time or not. She had the glassy-eyed exhaustion thing going on. Someone hid her gameboy, and I couldn’t figure out if this was a prank or a tease done in companionable good nature. The other kid gave it back. I hate those moments of irresoluteness in parenthood, standing beside the bus, not sure if a situation warrants you should kick down doors or laugh it off. I could just find the perpetrator and breathe on her right now- 

but I took Sierra home and fed her. She seems fine. Cranky. Overly tall. I guess the world isn’t ending.

I’ve passed her into the hands of grandparents today with some story about chores and errands. It’s not impossible that I’ll do something, but right now I want to curl up in a diseased little ball and sleep off the blechiness of the last few days. Or weeks.

Or somethin’.



13 thoughts on “be the ball

  1. It’s a boxing term. But I’m sure you knew that, really. :-) Sleep and be well. That’s the only solution.

    I always find that the end of an illness is the worst as far as narcolepsy. Because before that, you can’t sleep, because you can’t breathe and you’re too uncomfortable and generally disgusting. You know you’re getting better when you can’t wake up. So don’t fight it.

  2. David- Boxing term!~ Now it seems like I shoulda known that, but it honestly didn’t occur to me when I wrote this.

    I thought I was better yesterday after all the shut-eye, but today I’m almost certain this has moved into a secondary infection thing. *howls*

    I don’t WANNA go through a doctors visit and antibiotics. I don’t WANNA have this g.d. stuff for another handful of days! No! No! NOOOO!

    I’ve been wanting to have that tantrum all day. Thanks for indulging me.

    jo- you virtual saint, you.

    ybonesy- You’re right, they are pretty cool sometimes. my grandparents, especially.

    L.B. – lol, that’s quite alright. I haven’t had a lullaby in a long, long time. Kinda nice.

    Mad- There’s some ideas. I’ve been imbibing quantities of expired children’s robitussin. It sorta helps with the cough, and it also makes everything pleasantly hazy for a couple hours.

    Robin- Thanks! It’s a poem wordle. But I made it purple in iPhoto. :)

    Dragonsgrace- Couldn’t leave such a fine dragon out in the cold…

    mercury- do you really believe that?

    No, don’t answer. Where’s the Nyquil.

  3. If you sleep long enough, you can zoog out of the last bit of nasty electioneering. Think how peaceful (Ha!) things will be on November 5. (But only if the right guys win…) :-)

  4. I hate being sick. My heart and wishes go out to you. There is a yearly plague at school (expect soon, I’m certain). Try staying well with a bunch of sick 7-year-olds climbing on you.

  5. I’m glad you have grandparents nearby that can help out. I never did. It’s a luxury I always wished I had but didn’t.

    Are you better today? I hope so. I just made an appointment for my daughter who emailed me to please get her a dr’s appt. She’s 18 and lives over 600 miles from me but she still needs her mom. I’m glad she realizes that.

    In any case, I hope you’re much better!

  6. ‘mercury- do you really believe that?’

    nope, but should you go into hibernation the economic climate would be the least of your worries i’d imagine…

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