8 thoughts on “Sickly Moose Blogcast

  1. Mind reader!! I’d been thinking about asking you to do another spoken word post but I was going to ask you to pick something you’ve written.
    You sound as though you feel like I did about a month ago; yucky. Get well soon.

  2. K, I came back for a second listen because yesterday, at work, I couldn’t hear so well above all that screaming and torturing shit going on around me. I guess, well, I’m in love with your voice, phlegm, coughing and all.

  3. Your blogcasts are works of art. Seriously.

    And no, I’ve never gotten Ohio and Utah mixed up. I wonder if the Mormons did and that’s why there are so many around here…. ?

    I have my own pronunciations, mostly involving the names of towns in Pennsylvania. It all started when I married a man from Pennsylvania and whenever we’d travel there to visit his family I’d read the names of the towns, pronouncing them the way I thought they should be pronounced, and he’d correct me. Then he’d mention it to some other native of the state once we arrived at our destination and now it’s almost a requirement that I show up with another of my funny ways of pronouncing town names.

    I can’t help it that Rapho looks like Rap-HOE to me when we’re speeding down the highway.

  4. David- I think you’re right. as usual.

    mad- it’s s horrid cough. it really is.

    Norm- if you have a piece in mind, I’ll work on it one of these times when I have access to recording equipment.

    Mad- lol what is it you do do that screaming and torturing go on around you at work? Maybe I don’t want to know. Glad you liked the fleghm presentation. You’re weird, but that’s ok.

    Robin- Gracias! I do, sometimes get them mixed up. I donno why. Maybe cus my cousin lived in both of those states and I hadn’t been to either.

    Lol, sounds like hubby likes your creative name versions. Rap-HOE. Makes sense to me…

  5. Sounds good; whether it’s a fave of yours or something I come across in your archives. I’ll do a little rooting around…. gotta be longish tho…

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