NaNoWriMo and lea kelley

I have been pretty self involved with my torrential personal sphere lately. And… that hasn’t been much fun. So when I read L.B.’s post about how she’s been down lately and how she’s turned her attentions to the idea of nanowrimo, I found that inspiring. So inspiring in fact, that I told her, if you do it I’ll do it!

I wasn’t the first one to say that though. My enduring proxy cupcake, or ‘Jules‘ as we call him around here, made a similar offer earlier in the same thread. And LazyBuddhist shot back, “You’re on!”

K, last year, I totally almost missed the nanowrimo thing until Robin introduced me to nablopomo. I could describe what these nano-words refer to, but most of my blogger friends already know. They knew before I did. They don’t need the background, and if some of the newer ones do, you have my e-mail.

We’re all signed up now, and for the first time in about a dozen days, I’m actually sorta excited about something. So thank you, LB, for your awesome and insane idea. I’m totally ready to go.

Is anyone else signing on this year? (Anhinga?) Have you done it before? I’m curious to hear your stories. I’m pretty sure Corina did it last year. Julie, I met you through nablopomo, so you probably know people who are trying it.

The other thing I wanted to do… this has been put on hold while I sort though my personal stuff, but it’s really more important,- I wanted to introduce you awesome weebles to a kindred spirit. Lea kelley- she’s a blogger I’ve been reading and really liking for a few weeks now. She’s an artist, I wanted ybonesy and Rick to meet her for that reason. And she’s a wonderful writer, which is why I want to introduce her to all-a-you.

Aefiel and Norm were my last inducted weebles, and they’ve done the title proud. Please welcome lea kelley to weebledom: Newest weeble honorary. (It’s a dubious honor, but it’s very enduring.)


Welcome to a wonderful community.

13 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and lea kelley

  1. Welcome, Lea Kelley. Amuirin is right. It IS a wonderful community.

    (If this comment comes out as weird as it looks to me right now, it’s not my fault. Something strange is going on and spaces are being thrown in willy nilly.)

    Have fun with NaNoWriMo, Am. One of these years I might participate. I won’t be able to do NaBloPoMo this year due to travel plans. Makes me glad I decided to do an extra one back in August when the theme was food.

  2. Thank you, Am, and you’re welcome. :) It really is so helpful to be able to wrap your head around something and engage your imagination when the “real world” is not necessarily a happy place.

    Also, thank you for the tip on Lea. Good stuff, really good stuff.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful community. I have no interest in writing a novel, so I won’t participate, but hey, all you novel writers need people to READ them, right? That’s me. ;)

  4. I shall visit lea and I wish you lots of fun with your writing Am. I am being a total dud and not doing NaBloPoMo this year. Like Robin I am glad I did it in August with food :-) But I have been recently burned out on appointment writing and also not really being an innate writer, it is best to avoid anything that makes me view it as an annoyance ;-) I revert back into my nice and orderly mathematical excel spreadsheets otherwise!

  5. I’m counting the days! I’ve been a Nanowrimo-er since 2005! This will be my fourth year. People either love it or hate it. It all depends on how seriously you take it. Don’t expect to write a final draft of the greatest novel ever written during the month of November but expect to have a wonderful, carefree writing experience and if you participate in any of your local region’s activities, you’ll have an even better time!

    Write on!

  6. Thanks wee amuirin for your introduction to Lea Kelly. I knew she was a keeper the moment I saw she’d given thanks for the AFL-CIO Steelworkers Union man who’d given a speech that I’d sent to everyone I knew and loved.

    Good luck on the nano you end up doing. Glad to see so many blogging friends diving into it.

  7. Thanks for introducing us to Lea Kelly. I had time to only skim her blog, but she definitely makes sparks fly. And to Lea: Welcome to an eclectic and electric group. As for NaNoWriMo, will have to think about that. Ummmmmm

    To Corina: I’m IMPRESSED!

  8. Woo-Hoo! Another weeble!
    I just did a quicky scan at Lea’s site and love her attitude of gratitude. Welcome Lea – it’ll be fun getting to know you.

    Am, have lots of fun with NaNo. Glad you’re excited. :)

  9. Thanks, you always find cool people. I can say that as I found you through someone else. I can;t wait to see what comes of your nanowrimo. I’ll go check out this newest weeble later.

  10. Robin- I remember. The food posts were great! But they kept making me hungry. I don’t know if I’d do NaBloPoMo again, but it was fun. Be safe on your journey. Do.

    LB- so true. And especially in November… november always seems so dark on the coast. This is gonna be great!

    J- Uh oh, you put that in writing! Readers are the salt of the earth… without them, what’s the point? Good to see you. :)

    tpgoddess- That’s probably wise, not turning writing into a chore. I’m never going to be a professional cook for that reason. But you know, don’t knock a mathematical mind. I envy your ability to think that way, and it’s probably more rare than the verbal talent. (not that I agree you’re not a writer)

    Corina- Wow. I’m impressed too. You’re a veteran. I’m going to be stopping by your blog to commiserate and see how you do it as this gets underway. They actually have a *very* local region for me, and I think I’ll take your advice and attend some of the write-ins.

    ybonesy- are you gonna give it a shot? I bet there’s some writers over at red Ravine who are gearing up. I hadn’t seen the video about the AFL-CIO till you mentioned it. Woah…

    anhinga- *laughs* No pressure, I just thought of you cus you’re an established author. She does… she makes sparks fly. That’s a good way to put it.

    Norm- Let the hazing begin! Just kidding. Thanks, fallavine. This’ll be a good thing.

    jo- Are you inferring you wouldn’t label yourself a cool person? Ok, you probably wouldn’t out of modesty, but I can. Label you that, I mean.

    I have been reading you, btw, i just keep repeating myself so I don’t often comment. Most of the latest poems simply defy words.

  11. I’m doing NaNoWriMo too, but i’ll try to update my blog with non NaNo stuff. I’m actually thinking of preparing an open letter to whoever wins the election ahead of time, so I don’t have to think about writing it during November.

  12. Wow! I feel like I just walked into a party with amazing people and really good food! Thank you so much! I am having a wonderful time looking at new bloggers and mingling with you all and your written words.
    Thank you Amuirin. You are a human Conduit!

  13. jaynova- there’s an idea. I’m trying to get some posts ready ahead of time in case I’m pinched for time to blog.

    Curious to see your open letter.

    Hi lea! The guest of honor. You’re quite welcome, I knew some of my favorite blog reads would find a lot to like on your site.

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