Is anyone paying attention?

It would almost be funny. Almost. Amid the chaos of crashing financial markets and an upcoming presidential election, it seems nobody would notice Russia even if it started handing plutonium out to Iranian school children on YouTube.

But in the midst of all our American wants, and American worries, an old rival is carefully, systematically suiting up. Is anyone paying attention?

Russia conducts ballistic missile test

Russian Navy deploys ships to Venezuela

and then there’s Iran..

Making friends,

…real good friends.

And then there’s the economic component-

Relevant? Only if you’re paying attention.

Here’s why, in a nutshell.


3 thoughts on “Is anyone paying attention?

  1. Mmmmm, yes. I also wonder what happened to the big avian flu scare of a couple of years ago. It was a looming pandemic. Now we’ve forgotten about it.

    Or at least, we’ll have forgotten about it until someone decides that the best cure for the economic crisis is to kill a quarter of the population.

  2. Hello Amuirin – I wanted to let you know that I have been paying attention to you and your musings…We are awash in a sea of fear…all around us – there is way too much to pay attention to…and it seems that that is what is wanted by the powers that be…our inattentiveness…Be Well Poetman

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