In Your Words….

“I’m in love with that last fish too…….pucker up, honey.” –johemmant


“Writing is lonely, too lonely sometimes; maybe thats what makes good writing good writing, a tangible expression of an intensity that doesn’t find form anywhere else…” –mercury727


“I might like an encounter with a unicorn…” – Stevo


“After reading this, I think I picked a bad time to give up shooting mayonnaise.” –Bob


“It seems like healing is a lot about revisiting things, events, not letting them be forgotten, not letting people be forgotten.” –Quoin Monkey


“Reading this made me happy. Perhaps you are a lizard goddess.” – Robin


“Do we always have to be grown ups? Maybe we just want to be held, like a child, and comforted.” –Rick Mobbs

“You know how it goes, you only think of those things when you are traveling and then once you get home you get all consumed with your everyday life and forget to explore what is right around the corner. ” –tpgoddess


“It’s summer? Damn! I really need to start paying closer attention.” –Bob


“Makes you wonder what its like to be suspended at rest, always suspended really, always the world felt on every exposed surface whereas we more bump into the world. They get the best of both: Get to be in a permanent embrace and still get to bump into shit.” –aos



“Holes in plans are not such a bad thing. They’re good escape routes.” –Robin


“I concur with your assessment that the Billings Airport is not a good place to get a sandwich.” – teaspoon


“When you find yourself engaging in nudity in national parks and reading your horny panda porn, do be careful not to get your little brain stuck in the hornygril, you silly Mexican goat face.” –Lazy Buddhist


“I will not ignore them! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!” – Jaynova


“I was raised on conflict, drama, tension. It was how I knew I was alive. It was how I knew other people “knew” I was alive. But it can really take a toll in the long haul. Makes you exhausted. So I find it important to see if I can go head to head without smashing heads into brick walls these days.” – Bo


“I can pay you in drunk bees…” –thefluffycat


“Sift through the ashes, decide what you want to keep. And while you’re doing that, look up at the night — you can see it, without a roof over your head — constellations like diamond necklaces against the black velvet showcase of the sky. The world is there for you to wear, if you’ ll only reach out and put it on.” – David


“Here I am with carte blanche and tongue-tied.” -jo


“What I feel is sadness and longing, longing to be able to talk to her about politics, sadness about not being able to bring her a bag of delicious late summer fruits, nectarines and peaches and plums. The everyday pleasures of life that I cannot share with her. I don’t feel relief. I feel robbed.” -J


“It’s been my experience that most people really aren’t all that observant.” – mad


“Having a picture viewer into many people’s worlds does something to our own sense of living, I think. And yet, nothing’s changed except that we see it now.” –ybonesy


“A rush of blood to the head – Coldplay. Best song for your burnt heart. douse it with water, and don’t drown.” – aefiel


“I see you have a mix of plain and peanut. That’s very inclusive, and no less than I would expect from a woman of your refined sensibilities.” – David


“We can learn to make room for these creatures after we move in with them, though. It’s the least we can do.” –anhinga


“hug, hug, hug, huggggggg” – jules


15 thoughts on “In Your Words….

  1. I love it when you do these random sound bites. The photo pairings are great … I especially like the one you paired with Robin’s quote about holes in plans.

    Although I think my favorite quote, for some reason I can’t really put my finger on, is Teaspoon’s about the Billings airport not being a good place to get a sandwich. It just seems so … wonderfully obvious.

  2. Perfectly perfect!
    I love how you paired these – it could be a book.

    I think my favorite line is “Get to be in a permanent embrace and still get to bump into shit.”
    Somehow that just leaves a lot to be explored.

    Very wise observations – all of them. I think this is one of my favorite posts of all time.

  3. At first I was wondering where’d you get all them quotes, then I realized you got them right here! And you used one of mine!

    Do we win a prize?

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