Stop being so sensitive…

Do you ever find yourself both trying to determine something that’s unfolding by premonition, and at the same time fighting your honest perception?

I’m trying to think positive today. I do not like to think that I may soon feel sad.


3 thoughts on “Stop being so sensitive…

  1. The mind is a powerful thing. An illustration from my son yesterday: He astounded his nurse by predicting and hitting the predicted mark by controling his pulse. He told her it would be 44 and it was, then 70, and it was. His explanation to her was that at 44 he thought of something he really enjoyed doing, to achieve 70 he thought of his ex-wife. Frankly, I was impressed, too, but the point is you can use your mind to control your mood, happiness level and quality of life. I don’t know if we can match my son, but I’ll shoot for that.

    Go with your happy thoughts.

  2. Hmmmmm.

    Yes, I think everyone does this, and it’s a bad idea. :-)

    Whatever it is — either you saw it coming from miles away, or you didn’t.

    If you did see it coming, chances are you recognize it now, because you’ve been seeing it for a long time, and your honest perception is correct. If you didn’t see it coming, you won’t know what it is until it unfolds further, and you can see more of it, rather than just one piece of it, and so premonition isn’t useful.

    Real premonitions are rare; fear-based projection is far more common.

    Whereas it’s almost always true that we recognize familiar things when they come around again.

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