Brain heels

My life is changing. Are you someone who embraces change, or do you dig in your heels and fight every step of transition?

Maybe the nature of the change dictates the response. I like the potential, the possibility of change, but the practical application often leaves me cold. It seems as I get older, I hafta really fight my mind when I’m trying to implement changes. The brain stubbornly clings to what it knows, and will not be moved except with acute bad-temperedness.

But maybe that’s a perception thing, too. Maybe I’ve tricked my mind into making changes harder than they hafta be.

I wish I could reason with myself sometimes.

“Listen, this could be a really good thing. If you’ll just work with me here, we could actually be enjoying some of these changes.”


“C’mon. I know it doesn’t hafta be this hard. Help me out.”

*dying moose sound* (my brain doesn’t actually make a dead moose sound, but it can create that sound in my head)


*pterodactyl screech* (see above)

“What can I do to make this easier for you, so you won’t make this so hard on me?!?”

*brain flashes an image of current life-style and all its components unchanged and unaltered and imbues the whole with an aura of peace and contentment* (brain can do this because it can do almost anything on its own turf)

*angrily* “You know it’s not like that! You’re usually restless as hell, and moody, too. I’m not just doing this for me, I”m doing it for you!”

*brain flashes an image of itself, bodiless and bereft on a wide swathe of desert*

“Fine. Be that way. But things are changing whether you like it or not, so you might as well accept it and stop pouting.”

*brain closes conversation, but sends impulses to my elbows and toes to itch like crazy*

“Real classy.”

I hope you all have an enchanting Thursday. Mine is going to be itchy.


9 thoughts on “Brain heels

  1. Love the new look (change is good!).

    Also love the peek into your conversations with yourself. Truly funny, but also funnily true for me as well – only instead of itching I get freaking sinus headaches (snorfle).

  2. Life and Change are two practically interchangeable words.

    Life IS change. It’s a circular process that just rolls on and on and on, with sunrise to sunsets, every moment changes the moment it is born.
    All fears in life ultimately boil down to a fear of (physical or conceptual) death. Death of our physical forms terrorizes us if we believe we are simply our bodies. Or our bodies with minds. But we are that which uses a body and a mind and throws it away like a writer throws away an empty pen in a hurry, when there is no time to pause between words.

    Once we realize that ‘death’ is but a transformation, a change of energy, a change of form, and that the game we are into is never ending; then we have nothing to fear. It is when we embrace change that we embrace death (of every moment); and it is when we can embrace death that we can embrace life.


  3. And yes, I would second what was said above. You’re really good at these funny self dialogues. I’ve tried my hand at them but they come out all choky and deliberated.

    It’s good to be back here!

  4. No matter what our brains may try to tell us, stuff will change, no matter what we do, so we might as well try to grasp the helm, yank at the wheel and try to head in the direction we find interesting, no matter how intimidating the waves. And, even though your toes may itch, don’t forget to go, “Yeeee Effinnngg Hahhh” when you crest that wave.

    Besides (mixed metaphor alert), if our brains never changed, we’d still be making grunting vowel sounds and throwing feces at each other. I mean, before we become octogenarians. (I doubt it’s nearly as fun as it sounds, either, although I know you’re picturing it; maybe that’s my return favor for the Cookie Monster image. But I do wonder if this comment will help your search terms.)

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