A fluffy penis post

I have been on the verge of going for a serious hike for three hours. But I’m failing at that part where one talks oneself into actually doing something virtuous and healthful; for while the weather isn’t exactly prohibitive, it’s being quite inhospitable.

The sky is like, glowering out there.

No worries. There’s housework I can do, or some pocket-money writing, or I could pull out a mat and do some yoga-type exercise instead.


Or I could blog! Yay!! Blog!!!

Ideally, when I sit down to blog, I should really have nothing much to say. At my personal communication ideal, I’m not really looking to inform or enlighten, but rather hold your focus hostage for a little while, and hog attention by any means necessary.

I feel that I’m ideally suited to this occupation. Time wasting can indeed be elevated to an art-form.

I don’t want to shine the high-beam on ‘penis’, but penis is a very funny word. It is inherently comic as are the words: pickle, retarded, snarf-blat, ass-clown and stupidhead. Some of my readers this week pieced together some arresting verbiage too.

Some of this week’s search terms:

dead forest decor
reinhold weegee
fear of “head falling off”
rhino wearing thong
stop self absorption
why my yogurt very sticky but not firm
“personality of oatmeal”
dental floss g strings

and finally: goats have a taste for human blood

My search terms are like, educational. I will leave you today with this timely warning.


17 thoughts on “A fluffy penis post

  1. C’mon. Am. I KNOW you put all those words in your blog so you can amass more and more freakin’ search engine terms. Ass-clown is good. “Retarded penis pickle” or perhaps “retarded pickle penis” could show up any day now. In fact, think I’ll go run a search right now.

    See, I like to spend my time doing constructive things – we must have a lot in common. :-)

  2. Laughing a lot at David’s comment which has momentarily distracted me from writing funny post…….I have to say I don’t want to see any of those peni…….is it peni? I feel like it should be.

  3. hee hee hee… ass clown. One of my favorites comes from the movie “Kindergarten Cop” where they show the governator in the classroom for the first time. One of the kids says, “yeah… he’s a poo-poo face!” *grin* poo-poo face

  4. Bo- Heh. You’re right, some of these posts are meant to generate a freak fest.

    What can I say? I donno how I’d get through the week without my loyal ‘anal floss’ and ‘erotic steamboat’ readers turning up each day.

  5. I don’t see how the world can see enough of Winston Churchill’s penis. I mean, the dude was like what… one Big Mac short of 4 bills? Honestly, I don’t see how *he* ever found it. That may explain his disposition most of the time… but I’m just guessing.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt, too, on my blog. I’ll try a little harder.

  6. What a post to read after a long absence from your net abode.

    I imagine Churchill’s penis would be gruff yet noble, like him. What it would look like…

    I’m almost certain there are artistic renditions of Genghis Khan’s penis since is DNA is one of the major strains in the world. Someone had to record that monster.

    “personality of oatmeal” sound like the name of a Wallace Steven’s poem.

  7. LOL. There I go again, laughing out loud at your search terms. Hey, I’m wondering if it was Steve McIlhaney that did the hornygril search, because he wrote in my year book:

    To a really cool gril, hope we have Spanish next year.

  8. aloha, Stevo. LTNS, indeed. It was very interesting to find out which penis provoked the most comments from the list.

    aefiel- *grins* hiya. I wonder if his thingy had his distinctive personality.

    ybonesy- *laughs* Did you? Have spanish together, I mean? I’d think Spanish would be a hard language for him. “Hloa, Chcia! Hbala esapnol.”

    LazyBuddhist- That makes it official. Winston Churchill has the most intriguing historic penis.

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