Writing is a Lonely Business…

… and lately, I wanna talk.

Sitting down to write, I flip over to mail. Messenger. Blog. I haven’t completely sucked at writing; the Yellowstone stuff has been going well, but I’m on an emotional receivership thing. It’s been awhile since I did a block of writing without the possibility of immediate, gratifying response.

I’m spoiled. But maybe it’s more. My timing’s off, and sometimes the reclusive feeling takes hold of me when the world is a lot more sociable. It’s when everyone seems to be on an introspective turn that I wanna talk. I wanna talk!

I’m probably putting this possibility off.

Maybe it’s kinda like when you keep eating cus your body is craving a certain nutrient, but your snacks don’t provide what you need, so you think you’re still hungry.

Maybe I want someone in a way I can’t have them right now. So I try and fulfill that craving with words, people, distractions, the quick warmth of positive response.

Quick warmth.


I should dive into the dark waters of my own company though. Opportunity doesn’t wait on a whim- when the tide says ‘Row!’ you row, or miss the window to sail out toward the scary, beautiful ocean of possibility…

The space from here to fulfillment has to be navigated on my own.


Away, away. Heave-ho.


5 thoughts on “Writing is a Lonely Business…

  1. writing is lonely, too lonely sometimes, maybe thats what makes good writing good writing, a tangible expression of an intensity that doesn’t find form anywhere else…

    but maybe, when its a fix for something else, like any fix its only temporary as a solution to one’s woes. sure its great just to put great feeling into words and bring it out into the open, but it is not the solution in itself.

    hopefully i haven’t misunderstood what you’ve written above, otherwise this comment is going to sound mighty stupid…

  2. Hey there, I know exactly where you are coming from; it’s no doubt why I wrote that piece on waterfalls. But, it might have been anything.

    Plato said that no one puts anything serious into writing because words sit there dead, How funny those old words are. His point was that they can’t answer back. Words mean nothing without talk, conversation, relationship, liveliness. When we pour ourselves into our words and they do not touch, we cannot help but feel a little dead and uninspired.

    If these words mean anything, hopefully they playfully toy in that place that drives our fingers to a joyful madness on these keyboards.

    Take care. I certainly enjoyed your posts on Yellowstone, though I barely have had time myself to embrace them.

    Sharing these words,

  3. mercury 727- That’s an interesting idea: “maybe thats what makes good writing good writing, a tangible expression of an intensity that doesn’t find form anywhere else…” never thought about it that way before.

    Jim- I’m really glad I found your online newspaper and essays. It kinda makes me feel still connected, even though we’ve been home a couple weeks now. You’re right, I think- that words, like art need an interaction to come fully alive. The act of sharing is as much about the receiver as the transmitter.

    aefiel- alas no. If you can get 24 hours out of it, that’s a big deal.

    ybonesy- I will! Next time it’s that way I’ll drop you a line. I gotta get over there and see what you guys have been up to lately.

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