We are back from Yellowstone. Great trip, many adventures. There were such a number of experiences, angles, photos, geological and artistic discoveries, that I’m a little overwhelmed about how to describe the trip. I think I’ll just take my time and try to chronicle the vacation little by little on here.

And then there are  the mixed feelings of coming home.  It’s always kinda weird to travel- you go somewhere else, and sometimes you actually are someone else for awhile. There’s different expectations of your time, a different setting.  I actually find I meet my old confusions coming home, and I wish they weren’t here waiting for me. But there are compensations, like getting to spend time with someone I missed terribly.

(Next time, I take you with me.)

Stay tuned- photos and adventures soon- and Oh, what a pile of laundry.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Happy to hear that Yellowstone was a great adventure for you. It is one of my favorite places. And as for coming home, I am always grateful to take that first step inside my home. As for those confusions, welcome home, hey? Maybe that special someone can help you write all those swirling thoughts on a piece of paper and burn them. (Hmm – literal or metaphor?)

  2. imtayopay- so true, so true. Or let a herd of bison run them down.

    Bo- Yellowstone was awesome! I can see why it’s one of your favorite places. Have you ever been to Yosemite? It’s another wonderful spot, but terribly crowded now in the summer. We really lucked out, going the last week of August to Yellowstone, there really weren’t that many people, no traffic snarls. I think most of the kids have gone back to school, so that’s the advantage of Oregon starting later than most of the nation.

    I like that idea about writing down troubles and letting them go. In this case, a penseive would be nice, so I could empty my brain but keep the stuff to go through later. I hope your week was a good one.

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