New Bad Blog Awards

I couldn’t find a Very Bad Blogger award. In fact, I couldn’t find any blogger awards of a less than complimentary nature. Isn’t that unbelievable? Aren’t bloggers nice???  Of course I immediately set to work fixing that. Hey, it was a golden opportunity to leave my mark on the information super highway. I’m not intending to hand them out, but feel free to borrow if you wish.

Which do you like best:


The Donkeyball Award


The Dum-Dum Certificate

The ‘Oscar’ Award

The Illustrious Blabberwocky



Or the “Ain’t No Descartes” Award

14 thoughts on “New Bad Blog Awards

  1. ok, so I laughed out loud when I saw the Donkey Balls but when I read LB’s comment I actually tooted in my chair cuz I laughed so hard. It reminds me of saying this buddy of mine used to say when he would find a really good deal on something. “man, that’s like a sore dick. Ya can’t beat it!”

    I bet you could beat donkey balls if you tried but I think it’s illegal and only something you’d see in Tijuana.

  2. I’m not sure which is funnier — your post or the comments in response.

    I’m kind of fond of Oscar and think he suits my blog, but both the Donkeyball and Dum Dum awards cracked me up.

  3. I am torn between Blabberwocky and Oscar. Blabberwocky because it is so darn clever and Oscar because Oscar takes the sting out of the award a little with his Hemmingway comment. Oh no! Am I one of those too nice bloggers? Can I hedge my bet? Donkey Balls would be the most memorable. Let’s hope someone takes you up on this award–and that I never receive one.

  4. Definitely Oscar!

    And now that jules admitting to laughing so hard as to toot, you need to come up with the Farting Blogger’s Award. A sort of “Bloggers are just like you” ensignia. We pick our noses, we smell (we probably smell worse than the average bear because we get up and check our blogs before taking showers). That sort of thing.

  5. These are just a riot !
    And bang-on for a lot of what’s out there!

    Have only been in the domain of Blogland since April- I”m kind of a born-again artist, ( sorry, not wordsmith ;forgive )….; but gheesh, even supposed art sites seem awash with that chain-letter “award “stuff!
    Lots of secret marketing tool “rewards” type challenge blog stuff…had to sift through “em to find the legit non-market ploy stuff!

    That’s how I found YOU- searched for “Stop Blog awards/No thanks to awards” ect….

    Mind if I download 1 or 2 for future use?
    “Ain’t no Descartes” ….but most especially Blabberwocky..!

    Regards, and thanks for a really good laugh,


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