Dial’s New Skin Line: A minor observation

I’ve just seen the new Dial body wash commercial.

Whomever the ad exec was that approved this copy: “Leaving your skin feeling not only Dial clean, but also yogurty-soft!”, should probably be hospitalized for acute head injuries.

Yogurty soft? Yogurty soft?

I donno, is it just me? Odd, for one, that the ‘skin conditioning wonder of yoghurt protein’ has never been tapped into before. According to an article in Brandweek, “a company spokesperson said putting yogurt in the soap’s name gives it the appearance of being natural and healthy.” (Entrepreneur.com)

As opposed to, I guess, bringing to mind bacteria-ridden fermented milk. But if you can get past the idea of the copy, there’s still aesthetics to be considered. ‘Yogurt’ is not a pretty word. ‘Yogurt’ sounds like Ozark slang to describe suspicious bodily discharge.

Not quite the image I’d be shooting for on a national advertisement spot.


13 thoughts on “Dial’s New Skin Line: A minor observation

  1. eww. i don’t like yogurt much, but the place where i live, yogurt seems pretty popular. it’s in hair shampoo, body soaps, facial cleansers as well as moisturising cream. lol

  2. I’m with Ybonesy. I could handle the Greek type, but not the watery stuff.

    I’ve always thought of Dial soap as one of the harshest of soaps. Adding yogurt to it doesn’t change my opinion. Nor does it make me think “oh, they’ve gone all tree-hugging natural.”

  3. “introducing new dial mucus body wash. the first with natural mucus antiseptic enzymes. this untapped wonder helps… something, we’re sure of it, leaving your skin not only dial clean, but also mucusy soft. So even though it’s not the phlegm you cough up when you’re sick, others will find it difficult not to think of loogies when they touch you.”

  4. do they really pay these advertising guys, or was this like maybe a kindergarten contest… :-) No thanks, no yogurt-y skin for me. Maybe in my next life, if I come back as a bowl of granola.

  5. It occurs to me that we have lots of algae in our pond. And muck. I wonder if Dial would be interested in adding that to their soaps? It’s all natural. ;)

  6. Why just the other day I was wondering why no one has made a soft drink with all the tang of household bleach… actually no, but with all the advantages to hygiene that it offers, it has to have crossed the mind of some marketing department exec by now.

  7. i know some people are grossed out by the thought of yogurt in soap, but i love it! i’ve never used a bar of soap so creamy! plus it left my skin really silky. before you write yogurt off as another tree-hugging gimmick, check out the handmade ones sold by BubblesUpByBethieB on Etsy.com. i’m a believer after using the banana pudding bar!

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