Waking the way wind wakes the surface of mottled stone,

I feel the rust, and grate of something 

beneath my tongue.

Back there it’s broken, where my teeth meet, where my smile starts.

I’ll remember your murder song this first time;

that the salt howled into my wound tonight as

I clung to a cavern wall, looking at the toil, dread ocean;

that I watched you row away with your oars just so in the water:

A man who makes up his mind.

But others didn’t listen; dolphins came to me

when you went. I swam and was still standing

when morning found the shore.

Perhaps I swallowed sand. My tongue finds now the gap

where your hinges were, where we hung on tight.

I ask you to remember, because someday when I’m strong

and you’re nobody, clinging for life on your crag of justice,

I want you to recall: I would have offered my hand.

I would have offered you forever. 

But you will stand alone; no one will save you.

Grace by morning? Not her-

She remembers who the children are,

and who the gatesman, with his gory step.

I would have followed you to ordained disaster

and lent my boat to sink, if you wanted to.

But I live, and you will die every night you recall this night:

The sound of my blood rushing out, your fury;

the cold and calculating way that you went.

No, they won’t come for you.

The night will plunge, reel, echo thunder-

Perhaps you’ll swallow sand.

2 thoughts on “Andromeda

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  2. Huh? Where did my comment on this go? I commented the day it went up…..I get this all the time, I think I’m diving away from sites too fast before checking if it’s gone up or not. Anyway, there are many great lines here, the opening and I love this:

    My tongue finds now the gap

    where your hinges were, where we hung on tight

    The ending is also very strong……plunge, reel, echo thunder is very vivid and the final line. Ouch.

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