More Search Terms!

Loopy search terms: A happy weeble staple. Here ya go! This week’s bestest.


am i weird if i stuff my bra I’m confident that you’re weird irregardless.

how to catch cockles Just tell me there isn’t a hook involved.

what candy choice has t do with your penis I’ll admit, I’m intrigued.

sugar dead skull well heavens, don’t sugar the live ones!

foghorn von leghorn What is he, a chicken or a baronet?

naked nudity japanese from the asian chapter of the department of redundancy department amuirin blogSomebody wants me. Somebody wants me bad.

a picture of a fat guy in g stringNo access to a Wal-Mart, eh?

why bra off? – *grunts* Itchy titties. Oog.

anal floss Give it up! This idea will never catch on.

how to stop voices in my head Blunt trauma is said to do wonders.

yes, stranger i know who you are, –  Well? I’m on tenterhooks. 

in my womb, sharks eatOkay, okay, your cramps are worse than mine.

how many calories in 1 root beer barrel I don’t know but I bet your name is ‘Tiff’ or ‘Kimberly’, and I bet you’re in dire need of a cheeseburger and some comfortable shoes.

animated dancing/singing frogs  That sums up my blog in a nutshell, really.


For fans of freaky search terms, stop & wander’s  former googlefests:







10 thoughts on “More Search Terms!

  1. I don’t know why it is, but ‘anal floss’ shows up every single week without fail. I wouldn’t think it was an idea worthy of such persistence.

    There seem to be just a couple posts that generate all the weird search terms. I did that one about how to hypnotize people into getting naked, the day of the dead post (skulls, skeletons, death, muerto), the adorable baby sharks post, and then ‘horny girl with g string’.

    The mix of those four over time has generated a never-ending spring of charming (or scary) weirdness from google et al.

    The halloween candy and alien post also throw some spice into the mix.

  2. I was sitting here laughing my head off, and my husband asked, What’s so funny. So I explained, and then I started reading my favorites (I got rolling at foghorn von leghorn), but he didn’t quite get it. Ah…non-bloggers.

  3. many people are googling some funny stuff. my weebles are funny too.
    I feel bad though for the people looking for white women with pants on. ha ha. Porn. Is google used for anything else? Just add naked or hot to your blog and your get more

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