and then we wrestled a grizzly bear…

Sierra and I took a little trip over the weekend. I could bore the crap out of you and describe our activities in painstaking detail, or I could post some random pictures and let you resourceful types piece together our journey.

Hey. Let’s do that.

(click on images to enlarge)



:- -:














9 thoughts on “and then we wrestled a grizzly bear…

  1. Yep, she’s growing up!

    Hey, that first dino pic was too weird. I thought it was giant mushrooms at first.

    Gorgeous pics, and looks like a place my daughters would love.

  2. anhinga- aw… ty. yeah, she is cute. Every age is such a fun one. I want her to stay ten a couple years, and put off the inevitable teenage time for awhile.

    jo- It was a nice trip. I bet your trip was fantastic!

    teaspoon- hiya. Yeah, this was a lot of fun, these dinosaurs are animatronic. I kept wishing they were to scale. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was, but that picture didn’t turn out.

    tgp- It took you saying that for me to really notice how incredibly green everything is. I guess that is pretty amazing for August, compared to much of the country. Oregonians get the rain 9 months a year, but there are certainly compensations. :)

    David- Yep, she’s tending toward Amazonian. It’s so weird, everything I wanted to look like growing up, she’s turning out to be: Tall, round cute face like my cousin, brown eyes, dark hair (I hafta color mine to change in from indescript blond-ish). I’ve always wished for a couple extra arms, too, but fortunately she doesn’t seem to be sprouting those.

    Stevo- I read once in a Kingsolver book that family resemblance is an odd kind of code most easily seen by strangers and nearly invisible to the ‘resemblies’. I think cus when you see your face all the time, you come to not even notice the most familiar parts of your features. You see the differences between yourself and a family member instead of the similarities. It’s only when I look at pictures of me at around 5, and pictures of my Sierra at the same age that the resemblance knocks me sideways. But other people see it, just meeting us.

    Thanks ybonesy! My mom was tripped out by the egg/mushroom thing, too. “Tripped out.” Heh.

    I wish, I wish, I wish the T-Rex photo had come through.

  3. I love that you put up pics of places you see and visit… places around where you live and pics of you and Sierra. Maybe I’ll grow the stones to do the same soon. She is adorable!

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