Amuirin’s naming of the Weebles

Today is the day,,… yes. Today is the day I’m naming weebles who already have names. This is a special *secret* weeble name, though, just for you. It’s also proof that I woke up today with a bit too much time on my hands.

Here’s the catch: You hafta try and guess what your secret weeble name is before I’ll actually tell you. Just one guess will suffice; I’ll leave the answers later in the comment section.

Good luck!

Crockpart the Whimsical

Fire Petal

Steadfast Boot

Fido Blowhole

Hashti Ashta

Incubus Snack Cake

Mariachi Hidapearl

Violetta Verily

Onawa Wuti

The Paisley Comet


Abigail Loom

Krespin Coriander

Pablo Hoodlum


Mansi Ogin

Cody Modem




Curtis Tincrown


Reggie Torpor

Fallavine the Wise


The Imperishable Cupcake

36 thoughts on “Amuirin’s naming of the Weebles

  1. Well i want to be fire petal, I really, really do……..and I really, really don’t want to be violetta verily……..but I suspect I’m Abigail Loom. You may have time on your hands, but how you entertain us………

  2. I so want to be Incubus Snack Cake but somehow feel I’m probably The Imperishable Cupcake instead. I found out recently that the subculture of scooter riders, when one rides behind the driver it’s called “riding cupcake”.

    Am… I’d ride cupcake with you any day! :P

  3. Hey, Mansi Ogin is Hopi for beautiful flower – plucked! That’s good description of me. I’m feeling pretty damn plucked these days. But it sounds pretty! Ha! I hope I’m not Fido Blowhole – I’m having a hard time visualizing that one! Or maybe I just DON’T WANT to.
    You DID have way too much time on your hands, but good for you. Doing something creative instead of going back to sleep. :-)
    Amuirin, Your posts nearly always make my day – Not to pressure, but I DO miss you when you go on vacation… oh well. You deserve those days away from computerland and are smart to take them.

  4. Okay, I’m thinking Featherthumbs or Pickledots–assuming I’m here. I hope I’m here. I have no idea why I chose Pickledots; I just like the sound of it. Featherthumbs might be someone who takes pictures of birds???? You make us think so much. Good for you.

  5. You *are* the most clever witch of your time. (Have I told you that before?)

    OK, how can slothboy be Crockpot the Whimsical when I am Crockpot the Whimsical? And if that’s not me, then I choose Fallavine the Wise.

  6. I think ybonesy is onawa wuti (no idea why, just struck me) and yes, David, you got to be Krespin, can’t believe I missed that one yesterday. Oh tell, tell, amuirin, do tell.

  7. If I happen to be in the list there I like the sound of Once n Awhile. You know… laid back, easy going. I refuse to be Steadfast Boot, honest.
    Another good post, Am. If I can find it I have a similar naming thingy to forward to you. Check it out.

  8. Heh, jo… soon, soon.

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments. I must say, I’m torn between giving people the names they want, and the names I’d intended. I love the guesses, you guys find meaning and connections I would never have thought of. And it’s cool to see which name jives with which person.

    I’m hoping two other people weigh in, so I’ll wait till tonight.

  9. Jo, I kind of thought the two oowie-sounding names might be me, but I didn’t want to claim everything. And much as you don’t want to be Violetta, I think you might be her. Or she might be you. Or, well, you know.

    Jules, I think you’re Mariachi Hideapearl, although I think that be me, too.

    amuirin, you’re smurf monkey deluxe. Oops, that one’s not on there.

  10. Well, if I’m there, I’m hoping for the Paisley Comet. But they’re all so creative, any one will do except, perhaps, for Fido Blowhole. I just don’t see myself as a Fido Blowhole.

    You always keep me entertained, Am. :)

  11. Well, if I’m included, I can’t imagine how I could be anyone but Fido Blowhole, although in another life Catchersprint might very well have been my nickname. One thing is sure, your creativity abounds…

  12. Yay! Okay, here goes, as promised:

    tgpgoddess- Catchersprint

    Slothboy- Incubus Snack Cake

    jo- Guess what? Firepetal

    jules- Cody Modem ….But I accept your cupcake offer, gleefully.

    David- Yes, Krespin Coriander, but *I* thought it was elegant.

    Bo- I was so pleased you recognized the Hopi words! That was awesome. You are Featherthumbs

    anhinga- Of course you’re here! Hashti Ashta, wise counselor in a sacred hall or shrine

    ybonesy- Crockpart was really popular, yeah, but so is your sacred weeble name: The Imperishable Cupcake.

    Norm- Fallavine the Wise. Woot-woot.

    Ron- Good guess. Reggie Torpor

    jaynova- Oh, you nailed it. The Paisley Comet

    Robin- Yours is the other native american name, ‘Onawa Wuti’ … ‘wide-awake woman’

    Bob- Wait for it… wait for it…


    All hail, Crockpart the Whimsical.

    These are the names as I matched them to weebles in my head as I thought this up. Feel free to trade amongst yourselves, secure in the knowledge that none of you are a Fido Blowhole.

  13. Other names:

    Violetta Verily- LazyBuddhist

    Mariachi Hidapearl- Gingatao

    Pablo Hoodlum- Stevo

    oneia-may-lula- aefiel

    Curtis Tincrown- Rick Mobbs

    Sassyflume- D.

    Once’n’awhile- aos

    WestWind- poetman

    Mansi Ogin- J.

    Pickledots- Kip

    Steadfast Boot- Imtay

  14. These were priceless … I particularly like “Pablo Hoodlum” for Stevo. Actually I liked mine, too … I thought it fit perfectly, though your reasoning for that fit was far more flattering than mine. :-)

  15. Hilarious and yay, me got the one I wanted (though it’s far too beautiful a moniker for me……of course Bob is Crockpart, kicking myself for not getting that. This was such huge fun.

  16. This is great, Am. Lots of fun. Your insight into people (or at least their online personas) is amazing.

    I may have to practice fitting into my new name. Today is my first day without caffeine and I’m anything but wide awake. lol!

  17. Best grin I’ve had in a week… on behalf of the Crockpart family, I accept my moniker and will wear it proudly. Ummmm… does it, perchance, come with a warranty?

    Just asking…

  18. Woot-woot yourself, girl.

    Fallavine the Wise…… hmmm. I can live with that one, yes. Especially, of course, the wise part. (Getting all sorts of compliments this week.) That must be based on my emails I imagine, not my blog posts.

    Glad I stopped by to check out all the fun. Carry on, Am.

  19. Lulz. Hopefully you are talking about Incubus the band… not the sexual demon.

    Snack Cake is actually a nickname I have had in the past, oddly enough.

  20. This proves it: always go with your first choice. Hashti Astha kept drawing me back, but I ignored it because I didn’t know what it meant. I should have listened to “my wise counsel.” Thanks for the props. Now if I can just convince my children how wise I am. This whole thing was such fun. You are something else.

  21. Featherthumbs? Really? Better than “all thumbs” – must be because I am so light with my touch… Amuirin – what you do with your spare time is NONE of my business, but how do you get your mind ready for these games of yours. Can I come fly too? :-)

    You are TOO funny.

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