Like, hi

Long time no write. I looked on here today, and checked the stats, oh no! Did you guys know that if you hardly ever update your blog, people stop reading it?

So weird.

Summer has been flamboyantly gorgeous on the Central Oregon Coast. It is this time of year that the sheer, undiluted luckiness of living here comes through. The rest of the time you can lose sight of that because of endless wind and rain, but the sparkling gorgeousness of the water reflecting the sky reflecting the water, results in an intenseness of blue that just keeps going and going and going.

The vivid light and color makes everything more colorful. The green leaves of the trees, the light brown stretch of sand, pieces of violet striated mussel shells dotting the shore line. It’s nice to be home.

And it isn’t too hot. While people all over the country hunker down under 90 something weather, at the coast it rarely ever reaches over a breezy 75. Now and again… occasionally; but you could probably count the hot-hot days in the last five years on your fingers.

Been traveling. *grins* We are back home and gearing up for a trip to Yellowstone National Park in the second half of August. I have never been. Kind of excited. While not a photographer, taking pictures of critters brings me a lot of ‘lose yourself’ kind of joy, so I’m hoping we see the Druid Wolf Pack on our early morning tour, and run into lots of the sort of wild things that don’t tend to eat you on our daily hikes.

We’ll see Old Faithful. We’re going to spend a couple days in Jackson Hole. Maybe I’ll see one of my old favorites, Tim Sandlin, hanging out there at the local book store.

Should be fun.

Speaking of pictures of critters…. I got another moth snap. It was such a vivid visitor. It wasn’t on the window, alas, so no mug shot, but oh well.

I took the picture after midnight, coming home from a late screen showing of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’. (Yes, Heath Ledger’s performance is as good as they say, I couldn’t even find him in the character. Eerie, disturbing, mesmerizing: If you have tolerance for twistedness, go see the film.)

The moth is a Garden Tiger Moth, a nocturnal member of the genus Arctia. Many vividly colored creatures are poisonous to predators, and the Tiger Moth communicates its toxicity with the bright orange of the under wings (not shown in picture, check link) and the vivid red color of its body.

I have never seen one of these where I live before. Although they do live in parts of North America, they are more common in Europe. This one was a beaut, quite a bit larger than what Wikipedia figured for the average.

I would have loved to see her fly.


10 thoughts on “Like, hi

  1. another lepidopteric post, shiver, just kidding, she has beautiful wings…….your description of oregon should be the state standard. Have fun in Yellowstone, I’d love to visit it.

  2. Beautiful description of your summer along with a beautiful moth.

    Have fun on your trip. I look forward to seeing your photos of the wildlife. :)

  3. Nice to have you pop in. Everybody has been taking a break, it seems. I did for a while, then hit a verbal deluge. Who knows what happens next. It is summer–and hot summer here. Nature is on our minds now, it seems. Maybe the season draws us back to our roots.

    Oregon must be wonderful in July. You are so very lucky. But I won’t complain. Florida is heaven in the winter. Have a great time in Yellowstone.

  4. Yellowstone is awesome. Hope you have like a million days to explore. If nothing else take the kiddo to Fire Hole Creek for some swimming time – the river has places where the hot springs run into it. Makes the ice cold water like a comfy cool bath. Perfect. I had to drag my kids out on more than one occasion!

  5. Yeah, I noticed that about stats. It’s a strange little phenomenon.

    I really like the background the moth is on. Makes it look all the more mysterious. At first I thought it was a blanket. Wood siding, eh? Very cool.

    Yellowstone is awesome. Jim and I went for our honeymoon. Hope you enjoy it.

  6. “I would have loved to see her fly.”

    Well, darlin’, merely turn her over and pull back the flap…

    Okay, that was just wrong… I apologize.

  7. My sister was married in August of 2001 in Neskowin (sp?), and I have to agree, such a beautiful place in summer! Made me want to move right then.

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