Turn a Corner

It’s sun. Sun, sun, sun. There were stars last night, and the night before.

I love this time of year.  Love. Love-love.

The sing-songy thing has been happening in my head, I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing I heard on t.v. or if I’m simply regressing, but when I dislike something, a voice in my head goes, ‘Hate-hate!’ When I’m disgusted or frustrated, “sigh-sigh” (please God, I hope it isn’t spelled ‘sai’. I’m digimoting!’ And then there’s the good one. ‘Love-love’.

I love-love the sun. My brain seems literally to warm from a numb, stupid creature to stupid giddy. Do you ever just poke your body into the rays? I lay in bed and lift my foot to catch a shaft of warm coming through the window. Admire it, the rosy foot. Stretch out my arms, like you could catch it… spun gold. Real sun! Love-love.

Funny how much difference that can make.

Sometimes the externals really mess with my head. As a female, … and I’m guessing I’m not alone with this, it’s always interesting to have a clash/fight/emotional *thing* with someone and find out hormones might have had a say in the event. I think it’s weird sometimes, too, to look on here and see how my mood corresponds with the weather.

After assessing the data, carefully, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is entirely possible I’m a lizard. Yup. Gray days and cloud cover seem to illicit… nothing. Bump on a log syndrome, numbness (as opposed to the much more popular numiness).

Bring on the sun.

I will be responsive.


3 thoughts on “Turn a Corner

  1. Well being a female, I totally relate to this, but I love the winter too, early nightfall, woodsmoke, frost, chill, even unrelenting grey is beautiful to me……

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