Favorite recent search terms

Here are some search terms people used to find this place this week.

mexican goat faceYou can just call me meg.

braws offAnother product of ‘no child left behind’, I presume…

do aliens eat humansIt’s an awfully long drive for a wiggly pink snacky.

horny panda pornThey aren’t very horny. Pandas, that is.

kara thrace hentaiIt was only a matter of time till the geek underground thought this one up.

fuzzy weebleI MUST have one!

tyrannosaurus rex funny picture of m&mErm. wha?

nudity in “national parks”Is this a problem? Where are the pictures?

little brain you know what they say: Little brain… big gazongas.

bunng microkiniThat sounds most unpleasant.

hornygrilGeorge Foreman stands to make a killing.

mean boy poemsHow bout a haiku?

Oh those dangly bits
make you such a meanyhead;
vicious, vacant boy.


12 thoughts on “Favorite recent search terms

  1. I LOVE when you do this. As for braws, it does look like “no child left behind” is working well. Always love gimmicky education for proven results. And did you DO a post about Mexican goat faces??? I missed it. Better go plug in some search terms and catch up. LOL

  2. When you find yourself engaging in nudity in national parks and reading your horny panda porn, do be careful not to get your little brain stuck in the hornygril, you silly Mexican goat face.

    That’s all I got.

  3. Cheeky monkey, are you scoping out my twig and berries? Hello, my name is Simon and I like to do drawrings…

    (With apologies to Mike Myers and SNL)

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