A pile to peruse

I have a lot of things in my head that I kinda want to write about, but haven’t. Thoughts that might comprise a post; but none of it has been like… formed.

We took an aquarium trip last month that I meant to download the pictures from; then there’s a John Williams post on the back-burner- John Williams the composer that is. I wanted to talk about how sensual the Samuel Adams site is, even for a non-beer drinker. Talking about beer is a lot more appealing than drinking the stuff, in my humble opinion.

I might have considered making mention of the weather in correlation to mood. Or considered commenting on my irresponsiveness the last couple weeks. Or discussed, once more, the sweetly retarded aspects of being in love.

I could talk about the ants. Yes? I don’t know… fascinating but creepy-crawly. (We recently survived an infestation.)

Or I could discuss my daughter’s new-found discovery of phone-power & her fondness for calling anyone, anyone at all, at any hour. This has made the last few days interesting, and I only moments ago fielded a gentle request from a friend’s mom that Sierra not call before 6 a.m.

I’ve been thinking about the wild-fires in California, wondering at the climatic conditions that allowed 800 wildfires to be roaring across that beautiful state so early in the season.

And I have blog pals on the mind, too. Everyone’s living their own life, and it’s such a crazy spectrum of experiences if you glance at it for a moment: This family is expecting a baby, this family has lost someone; this blogger has had terrible luck with break-ins of both car and apartment; this blogger has an exciting project going where they can show their art-work in an online gallery; these two bloggers have changed domains, this blogger has changed residence.


And I think I’ll come back to the ants here, cus I can’t help but draw a metaphoric comparison between the scurrying industry, the purpose and perfectly unconscious absorption of the ant it its daily life as she goes about her daily tasks, and then the bigger picture (maybe not so very much bigger?) Of us. We. People: So very caught up in our world, the drama’s unfolding therein. There are things that ripple across and touch many of us at once from time to time, but from above it must look like so much chaos resolving itself in brief but beautiful designs that disintegrate once more before you can even see how each microcosm is connected.

So what do I do? I think I’ll post the pictures here and there, create my own little chaos. Cover everything and nothing, leave a big old pile here to peruse, if you so desire…

It’s the summer, after all, and if my ears do not deceive me, my daughter is making more inroads on the telephone.

I do so hope she hasn’t called 911 out of pure sociability… again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


6 thoughts on “A pile to peruse

  1. If you get the chance, could you post on why the Sam Adam’s sight is sensual. I clicked the link, poked around, but I just don’t get it. Maybe I am missing something. I will check back in at a later date. Thanks :)

  2. How does 911 feel about your daughter’s social calls? ;)

    Is the sensuality in the description or the photos of the beers? Just curious as to your take on it.

  3. Having a picture viewer into many people’s worlds does something to our own sense of living, I think. And yet, nothing’s changed except that we see it now.

    My niece once called 911 and ended up bringing the police to her house when she told the operator that her mother wouldn’t let her watch TV.

  4. Hey Johnny. Yeah, I dropped the ball on this post, but I covered that in the next one… just scroll up. It was the wordage I found sensual (as opposed to slutty, mind you)

    tpgoddess- me too! And you know, she probably takes the long way learning things because, short of her causing actual harm to herself or the household pets I’m often loathe to intervene in her ‘learning processes’ … they make such good stories.

    jo- Heh. Well if we can crack you up and piss off her grandmother, that’s a good day’s work.

    Robin- The dispatcher and follow-up cop don’t seem to have any sense of humor about it at all.

    It was the description, as you saw on the follow up post. They could compete with bath & body products for frilly copy boasting rights.

    ybonesy- I like the way you put that, ‘a picture viewer into many people’s world’. It is kinda interesting how having that view can put your own joys and obstacles more in perspective.

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