I’ve decided to turn this into an ‘All Sex, All the Time’ Smut Blog featuring muppets in compromising positions and extemely off-color jokes about men who love unicorns, not wisely, but all too well.

What, you don’t think I’m serious?

Try me.


15 thoughts on “announcement

  1. What? Yet another muppet sex blog!!

    But seriously (but NOT); if you do this, and I know you could, you just might capture a badly represented demographic. And of course, you will have to change the name of your blog to something like, but more imaginative than Nookie Monster.

  2. Well, what the…being left in the minority position, I guess it’s up to me to ask: Are you absolutely bat-shit insane?

    Look, the Net is wide and vast, encompassing a great many people who have no talent and a small number who have great talent. It’s the no talent hacks who take on the responsibility of posting lol-cats, pop-culture references, sexed up childhood TV shows and the general ass that permeates the digital world. They do that because they have no other talents. They can’t even make microwave popcorn, for crying out loud!

    People who actually are talented (and I’m pointing fingers here) have the responsibility (unfairly, maybe) to hold up the rest of the Web. Anyone can write Mary Sue Muppet sex slashfic or hit the old chestnuts of men+unicorns = Unicron. Not everyone, however, can make people who are essentially strangers *care* about what they’ve just written, and very few can pull that off with any level of humor. Being able to do so, and choosing to not exercise that gift, is like not ordering bacon on a burger. It’s spitting in the eye of God.

    The Dali Lama shouldn’t be asked to officiate a baseball game, Picasso shouldn’t be asked to spackle a wall (though Pollock should have been. BAM!), and you’ve got better uses of your talent than a Fozzy/Rolf plushie no-lube throwdown. Everyone knows this. It’s a known known.

    So, I don’t think you’re serious about the change, I hope you’re not serious about it, and I doubt it would last a week before you realize you’re better than that.

    In poker terms, I think I just “called your bluff”. Is that right? Am I using the term correctly? Poker nomenclature is so confusing.

  3. Is the header from Pan’s Labyrinth? Just wondering.

    I’ll read whatever you put out here. You’ve got so much talent that I bet you’d do a marvelous job with anything, even muppet sex.

  4. ZOMG! What has happened to this place in my absence?! A new layout AND muppet sex?! I haven’t felt emotions like these since a waiter mistook me for a girl when I was 12 years old. (Not necessarily a bad thing)

  5. :-) Google searches got you down? Or most likely, pissed off beyond all belief to the point that you are like “fine, you think you are going to find THAT here..I’ll GIVE it to you!!”

    And if I am wrong, then I defer to Molo as well.

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