an aside

If you’ve never sneezed while eating a bite of oatmeal, believe me when I say it is  ‘a memorable experience’.



7 thoughts on “an aside

  1. I once sneezed while driving down a road, 10 mph, in my neighborhood, hit a tree – hard, and was trapped by my airbag until the neighbors and cops came. Uh, sneezing can be an interesting experience. Haven’t tried the oatmeal yet, but… who knows!

  2. Oh dear! Well the oatmeal thing had me laughing, but Bo’s response has me giggling even more!

    Last night during my son’s 6th grade play, there was one girl who stifled about 3 sneezes in the middle of a group song (thankfully for her!) and the sight of this poor dear, stifling, then getting right back into character (rinse repeat twice) was so damn funny.

    Apparently I find sneeze stories quite amusing…

  3. so weird you should post this now. Yesterday I was driving up a narrow road, a car coming towards me and all of a sudden I see the other driver’s head come forward in a really violent sneeze accompanied by a huge swerve…..when I say he must have taken off the top layer of paint molecules, that’s how close he got……

    and when I was a student I cleaned hospital wards in the summer holidays……I sneezed whilst brushing and ended up with a black eye. Dangerous things sneezes; and messy, as you found out :)

    ps thank you — you know why ;)

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