In honor of fluffy crap

I can’t believe how freakin’ late I slept. Woah.

It’s gorgeous out.

If you scroll down this page, you’ll see a lot of colorful, bubble-pop frippery. It isn’t that I haven’t had any serious stretches lately, it’s just I either don’t write them here, or I write and delete them, as a few weebles have seen.

I donno. It’s weird, in a way, how completely wired people are for balance. Balance influences a lot of our interactions, we don’t even know it. Twins… like, twins who live together tend to develop complementary personalities. Sometimes they’re opposites in a lot of regards, but technically you could describe one with a certain set of adjectives and the other with another set of adjectives. One will be the responsible one, or the other might be the ‘cool’ one, the ‘mean’ one, the ‘smart’ one.

Same genes.

Take those same twins and raise them apart, you end up with two remarkably similar human beings who both seem to encompass a more rounded picture of the same personality.

It’s true. I’m just sayin. How many times have you felt yourself growing calm, controlled, compassionate because someone in your immediate circle was all freaked out/damaged about something? You’re there for them. You fill in that space.

But if everyone’s a-ok, it’s like a good time to break down and have a fitty yourself. The environment provides the necessary backdrop.

Balance. We do it internally, in relationships, all kinds of things. Some internal monitor doesn’t want everything on one extreme end, one pole or the other. If you have someone at the extreme left of the political scale, there will be a vocal faction of the extreme right to balance it out.

If you have 8 years of conservatism and military, then ‘change’ will be the big ticket seller. The pendulum swings back. The populous needs balance.

Where am I going with this? I just woke up, and I’m ‘ruminating’ en-worde. A winded explanation; I present to you: Fluffy crap! Kamikaze m&m’s! The teenage Chewbacca! A sci-fi boink fest!

That’s what you see. Yes. It’s not just frippery, it serves a purpose. A good, good purpose.

I’m tryin’ to balance out all the serious stuff.


6 thoughts on “In honor of fluffy crap

  1. I had already figured this out for myself…….see I’m in your head, scary (no you’re just in my google reader :)

    I love it here, no matter what’s on the table.

  2. By the way, that photo of you, well you know you look about 18, if that. Do you have some beauty product secrets you could share in your next foray into fluffy crap?????

  3. Jo, you’re so nice. I’ve seen you, you don’t have any need for beauty advice I could give, but the young looking thing isn’t any secret. Most of it is accidental, I inherited the genetic legacy of a bunch of baby-faces on my mother’s side, plus moderate exposure to the sun, thanks to Oregon’s reliable cloud cover.

    But the other half of the coin all revolved around having the luxury to move here, and adopt a simple, stress-free lifestyle. I stopped wearing makeup almost entirely 4 years ago, and shortly after that stopped needing to. Makeup is limited to a little eye glitz and lipstick for special occasions. I think makeup does a real number on women’s skin, cus the difference was pretty dramatic when I stopped using it.

    No make-up, little stress and drinking water, that’s really the sum of my skin regimen.

  4. Balance is important. I like bubble-pop frippery. Not thinking, stepping outside ourselves, is often a good thing.

    And, I’m still pissed Athena/Boomer wasn’t on the list.

  5. You nailed it about the interpersonal balance stuff. When everyone else is losing their shit, I tend to go all uber-Buddhist on them, and when I’m around people who tend towards being very calm, I feel myself start to get wound up.

    Oh yes, and I agree with Jo, you look like a young Linda Blair in that picture – somewhere between the orginal Exorcist and Exorcist II. And that’s not a bad thing. :)

  6. You know, for every “heavy” I write, I find I need to do about ten lights. Or maybe even 50. I can’t even remember the last heavy I’ve done. But I hope to do something with good meat this week.

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