tiding over

3 thoughts on “tiding over

  1. Well you did say I could say anything so I love the solo guy, who is he, wonderful song, lyrically, musically and what a voice but that top one, ack, hate that :)

  2. I believe it’s Howie Day. Howie grew up in Brewer, Maine, right across the river from Bangor, where my sister-in-law lives. According to her, young Howie has developed a reputation for being a bit of a bad boy in the area, but he’s obviously talented.

    Glad you turned the comments back on, Amuirin… hope it doesn’t turn and bite you on the posterior.

  3. Very good call, Bob. Yup, it’s Howie, ever and always distinguishable by that crazy baby face.

    Isn’t he awesome, Jo? I had to post the top one, I love it when youtubers make cartoon characters sync up with hip-hop and rap music and Kronk looked *just* like he was rapping in that middle part.

    Ok, I was bored.

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