bureaucratic little notice

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7 thoughts on “bureaucratic little notice

  1. “Would you like a cup of tea? I have filled the vases with yellow flowers and hung wondrous paintings in all the halls. The sun is shining and the day is full of promise as if miracles were waiting impatiently for your permission to occur. Now the only thing required to bring the world to glorious life is your smile. Good morning.”

  2. I’m very well, thankyou. I have laid out your ‘invisible shoes’, the ones that feel as if you were walking barefoot on soft grass no matter where you tread and I have packed a picnic with extra bread for the ducks.

  3. Definitely, peanut butter and strawberry jam and and fanciful cupcakes sprinkled with watermelon sugar. Everything is in place. I have tethered the crystal carriage to the alligators and don’t forget your parasols, I hear there may be huffalumps about. Avante…into the mystic…

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