Update your blog, dammit

Well, here it is Friday already.

In the interest of writing *something* here, I was just going to post Britney Spears lyrics, but I was afraid it might stimulate discussion. I can never tell what people are going to respond to, and I want to save the accidental conversation piece opportunity for my muppet sex post.

Which is pending.

It’s always pending.

I think everyone who reads this should start writing a book today. You can decide what kind of book, but if you don’t start writing it, I’ll know. Yep, I’ll just know. It’s a selective omniscience thing. I might even write my book about your failure to write a book. You probably don’t want that, so hup-two.

If you put me in your book, please don’t forget the sparkly pink hair.


Happy writing.


7 thoughts on “Update your blog, dammit

  1. It’s a sign. That’s what it is. I will update my bogged down blog today–somehow. You may have been talking to yourself, but your words ricochet off in my direction–and other’s. You know who you are.

  2. Glad you went sexy on Miss Piggy and not Ernie and Bert, or Kermit…now the question is is Jim stirring in his grave, or are you just saying what he could not?

  3. “Once upon a…” no, wait… I can do better… “When in the course of human…” no, that’s not perfect, either… “It was the best of Amuirin, it was the worst of Amuirin…”

    Yea… that ought to do it. See you in 50,ooo words.

  4. Oh crikey woman. You done traumatized me.

    You’re the second person this week to tell me to write a book. When and if the third one tells me, then I have no choice.

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