go see

I’m not much for writing today, but it’s okay, because there’s another little stretch of writing that I think is well worth the time. (There’s a lot of great stretches of writing, but today I want to show you this one.) It’s by a true-blue outdoorsmen who wields true skill with both the fishing rod and the pen.

The proper care and feeding of fishing buddies


5 thoughts on “go see

  1. This is downright spooky… he visited my site yesterday and left me a comment, so I toddled over and read his, as well… and I agree with you, it’s good reading, indeed.

  2. Bob- Heh… not really spooky, exactly. This is a friend, and I’ve told him about your site, so. Not so much coincidence, as, y’know… serendipity?

  3. Life in midstream – great title, on about a zillion levels. Cool dude, but then I have an affinity with fisher-people. And ichthyology is such a cool word…to boot.
    Thanks for the intro.

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