day end ruminations

I’m sleepy-tired. As the day comes down, I wonder if the work I did was good. And I’m thinking in the tune that’s been playing in my head, and that’s how the words go…

lilt-hum, hum.

I could drift into a sleep state, never really left it today. Even in these dark hours, when the energy came, still the feeling that I caught the time too late.

And it’s okay to go in those loops for awhile, but the problem is sometimes I’d rather stay;

in the fog in your head
be a dent in the bed
watch the rain strike my palm
till the daylight is gone

Oh well, I think- despite the gray cast, the tuesdayishness, there’s still a building motion; we did accomplish something.

and it’s going that way, a gradual incline. The dream part of lifetime goals is always really big, this like soaring vision – but the actual ‘progress’ (there’s that word again) is a lot of nit-picky shit. This bit relies on that bit, and I’m waiting on this so I can do this, to accomplish this.

Man-kind. Giggle-snort. I think we were primarily designed to make everything complicated.

…. at least The Headache went away.

Talking to a screen now
not feeling particularly alone, though.

Not even a little.

I hope tomorrow you feel like a million and two bucks. Go on. I’ll be here, being proud of you…

I promise.


4 thoughts on “day end ruminations

  1. yaya, that is good news, sleepyhead, dreaming world, i like to think of my huge dreams as secret plans imagining myself into the future, backwards, voila, a plan that just requires holding onto the dream, to end in a cliche, haha, sleep well,

  2. good for you darling.

    relationships are simple. humans complicate things with their higher-than intelligence.

    the screen is your new best friend already. can i negotiate for a million and three? i hear a yes. huzzah.

  3. jo- I think what went missing wasn’t your comment, but rather a whole post. I took down my post that said ‘No,no,no,no,no,no,no’, and alas, its comments went with it.

    I took it down cus it seemed too negative. lololol.

    Well, it did.

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