Remembering a Messed-up Dream

I remembered what I dreamed last night in the bathroom. My brother broke up with his girl-friend Jamie, so I got together with her.

It was kinda like saving her for him till he came to his senses. I wouldn’t kiss her on the mouth, which caused friction in the relationship, but other than that, it wasn’t too bad. We did a lot of rock-climbing, and she was always talking on this old fashioned, rust colored telephone with a grin on her face. It was kind of nice.

I don’t remember experiencing it in the dream, but it was tacitly understood that the sex was good. There was a whole part that seemed to go on forever where I was examining fruit to put in a blender: Plums. Cherries. More plums. Maybe a pear?

There. That’s enough fodder for a legion of freudian psychoanalysts.


8 thoughts on “Remembering a Messed-up Dream

  1. Your dream bothers me greatly… do you realize that your fruit selection totally neglects anything of a citrine nature? Sure, the succulents are juicy and nice, and, if selected during their ripest phase, sweet enough to leave a lasting impression, but no lime, lemon, orange or tangerine? Utter blasphemy… I demand that you go back to sleep and come up with citrus involvement– thousands of Floridians depend upon you.

    Oh– one other thing… try to think to film the girl-on-girl thing… that’s totally hot!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! :)

    I just came from reading a friend’s description of changing from a meat-eater to a vegetarian as a euphemism for her change from straight to lesbian and she used a lot of fruit references. Very erotic stuff, actually.

    Lots of fruit going around today. ;)

  3. I could better understand this dream if I knew what the final creation in the blender was. A smoothie? A pie filling? Without that tidbit I’m in the dark.

  4. Stevo- you and me both

    Happy Mother’s Day back, to all you mums. I didn’t make any rounds with good wishes, either, Jules, it was such a busy weekend. But thank you so much for the warm wishes,

    I hope all the moms had a delightful day.

    Bubba- You’d think so, y’know. You’d think it would be totally hot, but what was kinda interesting in the dream was how *ordinary* it seemed. Just as pleasant and monotonous as any settled, hetero-sexual relationship, despite the extreme weirdness of the circumstance.


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