This week’s search terms

I’m just gonna post my favorite 1 or 2 search terms from each day this week.

my god is a rooster cartoonI’m not making these up, I swear

rhino genetaliaNow would I order a red or a white wine with that?

how to get over a lover who keeps coming Just be honest. Oh, and wear a poncho.

poising huge hairy bearsThere’s nothing really wrong with that, but it sounds totally obscene.

weird mouth chupacabra – I think its cosmetic aspects are probably the least of your concerns.

i ate your heartOh yeah? Suck my cockles.

what do i do with my poisoned legebay!

lol cat bra – I can haz cleavage? 

if a thousand men were not to pay their – No. No, no, no. You can’t just ask half a question and then leave! That’s the shittiest cliff-hanger of all time! If a thousand men were not to pay their what? What? Their alimony? Their phone bill? You get back here and finish the frickin’ question!

Gosh darned googlers.


5 thoughts on “This week’s search terms

  1. poising huge hairy bears, not posing like a taxidermist, i will pondering this one conundrum all day, huge hairy bears are not reknowned for their poise,

  2. Tax-bills. Stupid conditional sentences. No one should use them.

    And, you know, I’m tired of cleaning up other people’s messes. Maybe if they can’t finish a sentence properly, they

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