Naked Dates and National Parks?

This is some stuff I made myself a self-appointed expert on, and other people actually believed me.


National Parks

Dating Tips

(er, whot?)

How to Keep New Years Resolutions


Hard Rocking Lesbian Twins


Family Cell Phone Plans

(isn’t that ironic, superfly?)

Grubby Lawns

Good Sandwiches

(k, I am an expert on that)

Richard the Third

Teaching Teenagers how to Drive

Based on this list, I think you can probably assume most information on the web derives itself from a completely bogus source.




7 thoughts on “Naked Dates and National Parks?

  1. um…


    i think we should stick to sandwiches.

    “most information on the web derives itself from a completely bogus source.”

    …and i wouldn’t know anything about bogus sources.

  2. Wow. You’re become like the wise queen of all more-necessary-than-you-may-have-realized e-information and brilliant, somewhat satirical writing. And to think, I knew you way back when you were an exceptionally talented smartass. You so rock.

  3. Helium was one the first places I put my writing on the net. Remember my piece Listen which you liked? Came last. Anyway, good luck, let us know how you go.

  4. See now I know something about you I didn’t: you’re a preschool teacher……I have no idea why but I wouldn’t have guessed that; journo, gumshoe, actress, something along those wildly divergent lines……

  5. That list is much better than the premature ejaculation listing that brings many from Google to my blog.

    Tegan and Sara? I thought I was one of the few aware of this duo? Are they known in North America, er, well-known?

  6. A note on nudism: Some of us wear clothes because it’s too cold to go around naked so I think that even if nudism was the norm, I’d still be covering up during the winter months here in the southern version of the arctic. :)

    I’ve enjoyed your articles so far. I think you should be the self-appointed expert on more things.

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