Y’know, if there was any justice at all in the world, you’d hear a lot more about random dingo maulings.

I keep waiting for my less balanced aggressors to be smited down, or hit by a Snapple truck or something, but if one or two of them happened to be mauled to death by rampaging dingos, I’d be pretty okay with that.


15 thoughts on “Justice

  1. If there were any justice, people would be totally amazed by my collection of marbles. I’ve got marbles large enough to choke a camel. Also, I read that whole section above as referring to dino maulings, which would be cool but impossible.

  2. Marauding dingos and the subsequent maulings would be so cool. Perhaps you and I could start a venture on both continents. We would train dingos and add cybernetic implants to guarantee their loyalty and maulings. Game?

  3. To quote Elaine Benes: (Insert fake Australian dialect here or allow Paul to say it for you)

    “The dingos ate the bai-by!”

    Justice aside, I suspect there is at least one of your ‘less balanced aggressors’ who is, as we speak, suffering from internal dingos of her own creation.

  4. Molo- Well, y’know, if more people knew about your marbles, um…

    That thought kinda faded on the vine. Dinos! Rampaging dinos! Not so impossible. Man’s cracking the DNA stuff all over the place, I’m sure we’ll reckon a way to create something that eats us before too long.

    Paul- You want a link? There ya go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premenstrual_syndrome

    Hey. You asked.

    aefiel- and under-exercised

    Ron- Next you’re gonna tell me Baltar’s a cylon…

    Stevo- *blinks* You’re the physical embodiment of the devil on my shoulder, aren’t you? Yeah… It’s a neat idea, with the singular drawback of being irrefutably evil. Nuts.

    Bo- I could write a whole post on that, and get all philosophical and pretentious. Likely you’re right, but the impulse to seek justice in the world is probably as necessary, as ‘just’ an impulse as the striving to find truth.

    There’s nothing just about a dingo mauling, of course. Kind of a play on how subjective and biased a personal interpretation of justice can be.

    Sumedh- Wow. Woah. Paul, you want a link? There’s your link. Did you know about that stuff, or search it out? Uncanny.

    Bob- I’ll bet she never got asked to watch anyone’s relatives after that.

  5. All I can think of at the moment is that line “the dingo ate my baby!” which I see has already been commented on.

    I looked up, not sure I phrased it correctly, and found this:


    Anyhow, I’ve had those kind of days too.

    P.S. Thank you! I was so shocked at the nomination that I forgot to say that in my last comment.

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