Meet the Weebles

This is my spring-time edition of meet the weebles.  I don’t know why I feel the need to introduce my blog-reads to each other. Oooo, spring-time, let’s have a mixer! Perhaps I was an events planner/matchmaker in a past life, or maybe it’s an ego thing. 

It’s also entirely possible that I have too much time on my hands. At any rate, there are new people I’ve adopted (with or without their consent) into my illustrious and literary minion throng, and I’d like to introduce them, because they’re pretty marvy do. 

1. Meet aefiel. Robin, you’d love her for her quotes– GingaTao & jo, you might enjoy the warped poetry. I like her cus she’s talented with language, and she comes across playful and sometimes wistful, but there is that about her which communicates a definite ‘Don’t fuck with me’ kind of vibe. Like the sweet, fuzzy kitten who can turn into a sabertooth without the slightest warning, and sweetly, fuzzily, bite off your hand.

2. Meet Chuck. Chuck full o’ Blog is Macauley Culkin’s secret blog venture. He doesn’t tell anyone that it’s him, but I just know. Chuck generously posts half-naked pictures of his gaggle of guy friends, and while this, and the startling images of someone named Mocku licking a variety of appalled, cherubic faces are both a big draw, the funny writing might be even more so. Might. (It kind of depends on whose posing naked that day.)

3. Rick Mobbs– Rick mostly introduced himself. He’s such a fixture among one of the two circles that converges on my blogroll, that it seems like he’s always been there. In fact, maybe he has, because I don’t tend to pay very close attention. Anyway, I’ve discovered him now, because he graciously made me to. (Aw, shut it, this isn’t the grammar awards.) K, Rick has a way with words, but his paintings will melt your face… y’know.. in a good way. 

4. Norm of ‘The Only Constant is Change…’ is one of Robin’s long time cronies. He decided recently to subject himself to Stop and Wander voluntarily, which demonstrates a surprising degree of intelligence and cajones too, it turns out, because now he’s being introduced publically as the man who created the first Bobble-Head. And now he’ll hafta answer for that whether it’s true or not

5. A long time ago, I should have introduced Jane Moneypenny and her loyal cohort Penelope Smallbones. They write for a blog called ‘Variety is the Spice...’ and this is real, live, sometimes gritty, sometimes delightfully frivolous girl’s girl talk. These two twenty-somethings chronicle their adventures in dating, diet, finance, balancing career and romance. It’s honest and often funny girl stuff.

And now your mission, should you choose to accept it- (that means you hafta) please choose at least one of the fledgling weebles to pay a visit to. Leave a comment. Make them feel accepted and somewhat freaked out by all the inexplicable attention from strangers. In short, make them feel they’ve been initiated into a wacky cult without even signing anything or reading the literature beforehand. 

Cus we all know life-long weebleship is best executed as a fait accompli.


11 thoughts on “Meet the Weebles

  1. You’re such a great blog pal, Amuirin. I think we should all meet up for a real party one day. Mocku can attend as our official face-licker, and Rick Mobbs can have a paint off against I’ve got $10 on Mobbs!

    I’m actually about to head over to Philly to see those clowns for another weekend of Sparks-induced idiocy. Have a good one!

  2. I love it when you do this. Does that mean I need a life? ;)

    No matter. I always meet the most interesting people through you. I’m off to explore.

  3. I realize that I’m commenting about agreeing to leave a comment. Huh? Anyways, can’t stay longer. I’m off to check out five new sites. Thanks for the link.

  4. Thanks Am and hi all!! It looks like I have more reading to do as I hadnt checked all your links as yet.
    I feel doubly blessed – being dubbed a weeble and a crony in the same day.
    There is a house move looming so regular posts are coming in the near future.

  5. Chuck- Oh goody, more entertainment. Have fun! Give mocku lots of binaca…

    Moneypenny- Definitely worth reading, I think any woman whose been a twenty-something can find something relate to over there.

    Robin- lol, um… I was looking over some of the front pages today, and it might be even more ‘interesting’ than I had originally intended.

    aefiel- yup. that’s why weebles won out over muppets.

    Lewis- Neat! Er… do you know, I don’t really recognize you. Are you an established weeble or a new one?

    Hi Norm! Sounds like you’re having a busy spring. What with moving and bobble-head designing and all…..

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