Yahoo 4/20

Did anyone else catch this? I almost missed it, but it caught my eye at the very tail-end of the night.


Okay, it’s three leaves not five. But the space for the other two is clearly visible to the eye. Someone’s editor made them clean it up before posting, and add a little reuse, recycle bit to keep the site safe from liability, but you and I know… I mean, timing wise, this has gotta be a tribute to Må®y JånE, eh?


 For anyone out there scratching their head and going, “Uh,,, I don’t get it.” I hear you. I was that same sweet innocent who didn’t understand and took a trip to Rainbow Valley one fateful spring to get edjumicated. 

See, 4/20 is a sort of cannabis short-hand that’s evolved to both identify pot-smokers from non, and signal ‘events’ where herbal mood enhancers might be consumed. Even knowing what the term signifies, I’ve never really been quite clear on the meaning of the numbers themselves.  Wikipedia gives this explanation of the term:

“Although many diverse theories exist to explain the origin of the term, one central root of the phrase stems from a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in San Rafael in 1971; the teens would meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke cannabis at the Louis Pasteur statue. The term became part of their group’s salute, “420 Louis!”, and became popularized in the late 1980s by fans of The Grateful Dead. Many North American cannabis users continue to observe 4:20 as a time to smoke communally. By extension April 20 (“4/20” in U.S. dating shorthand) has evolved into a counterculture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.”


So there ya go. Learn something new everyday.



17 thoughts on “Yahoo 4/20

  1. Yea, that’s just what I need to take with me for a conversation among the other potential jurors as we await our civic duty. “Hey, dude! Are you diggin’ it? Here, man… toke on this.” I have Yahoo as my e-mail service, but I don’t have that header, I guess… oh, well, my loss. You snooze, you lose, know what I mean? Where did you put the Oreos, man? Don’t bogart!

  2. I didn’t notice it (although I did take note of the date and knew about 420). Good for Yahoo.

    Where did those people gather to celebrate and consume? I want to know so I can be there next year.

  3. LOL!! Oh, I wish I had seen that! Classic!
    So, yeah, I was also totally naive being a non-smoker of anything and everything. Until, that is, my darling oldest son exposed me to this counter-culture. I was told that a 420 is the Calif law enforcement code for possession of MJ and that all the other stuff stems from *that*. I’m surprised that Wiki doesn’t show that so clearly my sources were mistaken (or high?)
    What I love is that on a tour of Haight Ashbury in f San Fransisco, there is a street corner clock. Frozen in time. At 4:20. And when the tour guide asked us who knew the significance of that time, well I was able to raise my hand and answer like a good little school girl. Yeah, thanks son :->

  4. My original understanding was that 420 was the number of chemicals in THC. Though, why I believed that, given what the average pothead knows about science, I’ll never know. It isn’t true anyway. From here:

    “A second origin theory was that 420 references THC (delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol) as: “the number of chemicals in THC,” the “number of molecules in marijuana,” or the “number of elements in the marijuana plant.” Skeptical about these biochemistry claims, I solicited evaluation from Peter Webster, review editor of the International Journal of Drug Policy, who responded to my e-mail query as follows: “THC, or the principal active ingredient of cannabis, is a single chemical entity, i.e., one chemical. There are, however, many other closely related but less psychoactive chemicals in cannabis, some of which may be more important in medical applications. Each, however, is a different chemical, since its molecular structure is unique. Again, THC is ONE chemical. Marijuana contains perhaps many thousands of different molecular entities, from the couple of hundred cannabinoids, such as THC, to chlorophyll, fats, fibers such as lignin, cellulose, sugars, enzymes, and a wide range of other organic chemicals, to minerals, water, etc. The number of elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, chlorine, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, many trace metals, and probably many others in trace amounts… in effect, most elements in the first part of the periodic table!-and probably even some traces of heavy metals, whatever is in the environment in which it grows.”

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  6. Robin- I just watched, THANK YOU, that was freakin’ awesome. Was laughing about the split/squid male, but that last with the octopus just boggles the brain. And there’s the cuttlefish!!!

    Slothboy- It looks like Wikipedia got it right this time… Christina’s article discusses some of the myths and rumors about the origins of 4-20.

    I love the Haight ashbury clock she linked to.

    Bob- *reproachful look* You just had to mention oreos, huh. No, no, it’s fine. Go on. Come here to the home site of a miserable macrobiotic and talk about delicious nabisco treats. It’s cool.

    (I’m just kidding, but gosh Oreos sound good right now)

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