10 months!

It’s anniversary time again. Woah, that month went fast. Stop & Wander passed 50,000 page views this month, which looks like a big number. You want search engine terms? Stats? A decent pastrami sandwich?

Well, who doesn’t.

Blog Stats

Total Views:51,735

Best Day Ever:969 

Views today:276





Most Popular Search Terms:

cuttlefish    686
aliens  486
stop and wander  317
baby sharks  308
day of the dead  211


Interesting search terms this week:

fish curses – codswallop?

horny japanese girl use bunny clothes –  ” ”

fuck four horses – Or, you know, we could just go for an ice cream.

wile e coyote fucks road runner pictures – See, between them, I always pegged Wile e for the bitch, not the butch.

grizzly skull      – well I think it’s jaunty.

gazongas         – gesundheit

things to send by text to attract a girl – You need only communicate your willingness to go into credit card debt. ‘I max my VISA 4 U.’

blood of cuttle fish – tongue of  bat, eye of  newt? 

eye stab – I advised you not to try this at home.

rollerblading naked?  – Not at the moment. Why?

what hell looks like to other people – I can’t speak 4 them, but to me it looks like a macrobiotic cookbook.

frogleg horn – My kingdom for a flesh trumpet.

animals make me horny –  This brings a whole new meaning to ‘Petting Zoo‘.

anal floss – Why? Why is this so damn popular?

hypnotized shirt socks off – I know, I know, and then she took your wallet…




8 thoughts on “10 months!

  1. Huzzah for 10 months! May your credits never get stuck in the machine. May you always have the better set of controllers when challenged at the arcades. And lastly, may you never stroll down the aisle of a super-mart looking less than decent.

    …But why cuttlefish? Why??

  2. lol, ty, ty ..I know, it’s mind boggling. I’d have never guessed cuttlefish were more popular than g-strings, which came in #7.

    Bob- At last, another person who gets just as excited by big-foot’s tootsies as I do.

  3. Happy Blogoversary. I’m getting ready to publish my one year (and farewell) stats.

    Why are your search terms so interesting and mine are so boring?

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