Enough hiatus, already

Other than the midweek horse nonsense… (and if you don’t think that generated some interesting search engine terms, think again. . . You know what I’m sayin, J) …I took a good and proper break from blogging.

I feel great.

Time for some fluffery, eh? The economy’s tanking, I guess. Yup. There’s some really horrifying crap on the telly about a pregnant marine… *shudders*, so I think what we all really need is some glorified fraggly goodness. Some tasty, yummy spring-time extraneous babble.

BSG tonight!

Good God, I’m turning into such a geek. My daughter, quite against her will is now being dubbed, ‘Little Baby Starbuck’, or, if I’m feeling sassy, ‘Kara-Sierra-Thrace-Face’. She’s handling it with the same equanamity she handled having her curls colored with blue kool-aid as a toddler; with the exact same baffled resignation she accepts mommy-sanctioned war dances (stress relief!) and the occasional ice-cream-for-dinner-cus-I-said-so events that will crop up sometimes when Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Yeah, Right- or when the oven just kind of looks at me wrong. (I believe most kitchen appliances have the capacity to house week-day demons, don’t you?) 

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the things you weebles have been doing to herald the spring.

You have been:

Enjoying Naked Man Hugs and Licking People’s Faces

Meeting Each Other in Sunny San Diego

Tagging Me with a Meme that Hangs Over My Head like a Guilt Cloud

Discussing Literary Hotties

Crushing on ‘Mr. Gere’

Talking About Rejection with Grace and Elegance

Making Me Hungry

Trying to Convince the World to Stop Blogging

Writing About the Author of my Second Favorite Book 

Exploring the Ramifications of Meat-in-a-Vat

Getting My Story Published in an Online Literary Mag

Going Crazy


That’s a pretty impressive roster, really. See all you can miss when I take a week off?



5 thoughts on “Enough hiatus, already

  1. Welcome back, I missed you, I have been emailing scripts off to actors and agents. Who do you want to play you? I thought a new and upandcoming actress, know any prospects you’ld like?

  2. Congratulations! Super story. Not that I would have expected otherwise. I will be wondering the rest of my life what monster the guy wanted to show her. Ah, but that was your plan—–

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