Stuff can get a little warped after midnight.

Please ignore all previous posts which reference an equinary companion.


In response to copious inquiries, Yes, the horse has survived and is doing quite well in his metaphorical horsey existence. Today he’s going to go roll around in the metaphorical clover and brush metaphorical flies off his metaphorical derriere, ruminatively.

He sends his (metaphorical?) love, to all his advocates. Thank you for being you.




6 thoughts on “Stuff can get a little warped after midnight.

  1. I used to be into bestiality, sadomasochism, and necrophilia, but then I realized that I was just beating a dead horse.

    That’s all I can add to the topic of horses and love.

  2. This comment is off color, but I am going to say it nonetheless. There is one reason why my daughter will not have her own email account until she’s at least 35, and all emails will have to come through me or my husband first. I once received a spam email that showed a woman licking a horse’s penis.

    I was probably 38 years old at the time, and I was still not ready for that.

    (that wasn’t you, was it? No, I didn’t think so…)

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